Weep no more my lady

The alphabet for today is : W
I had been waiting to write a post on W ever since the onset. Today’s post will be about Weep No More My Lady – a book review.
I chanced upon Mary Higgins Clark in a book haven, where I picked up this one and loved her work. The first novel I read of hers was Pretend You Don’t See Her. Then came Weep No More My Lady and I was hooked to the author.(Not to forget Where are the Children which is another favourite of mine.)
WNMML is a novel about two sisters, with more than a decade of age gap between them. The story starts with the Elizabeth Lange mourning after death of her elder sister Leila, a famous actress ,who jumped to death(or was she pushed?)
Most part of the novel is set in the Cypress Point Spa with a bunch of red-herrings trying to confuse us of who the murderer is. Then there is Alvirah Meehan,a lottery winner who turns out to be an amateur detective trying to solve the crime.
The story keeps us hooked and we end up pitying the dead characters.(and loving the strong female characters..)
QB ratings:
Story and Screenplay:  5/5
Character sketch: 4/5
Suspense: 4.5/5 (we begin to understand that the accused is not the real murderer..the mystery lies in trying to find how the crime was committed.)
Overall rating: 4.5 /5
1. The fact that the story is about sisters is an added advantage. I could relate to the story.
2. I loved everything about the novel. This is one such novel where i fell in love with everything in it.
3. Final words…those who have the inclination to read and who love whodunits and thrillers, this one is for you.Take a bowl full of popcorn to gorge while reading it,makes it a worthy read..!Haha.
4. Psst…! I will write a post on Mary Higgins Clark on a later date. Wait for that one.

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