Travelling with a bun in the oven!

The last week of our US stay had been very hectic, with Mr.Bee and I, going out for lunches and dinners with almost all his colleagues and meeting some friends in the last minute to say our byes…

We had such tight and hectic schedule that, after returning to India, it took me a week to let my body pains subside and get used to the Indian routine. (Which they say in a single word, jet lag!)

Some of the packing was done by Mr.Bee who had a busier schedule than mine, let’s face it, he is the working spouse and I am a homemaker! All I could do was sit in the lounge chair and watch him work. It was fun watching Mr.Bee work and making him do what I wanted him to. Now, don’t think I am a heartless brute, slaving my husband! It is just that I have a bun in the oven. To put it in simple language, we are expecting Bee Junior amongst us in a couple of months! The QB will soon have a junior to boast about!

On the day of our flight, Mr.Bee had to lug all the suitcases, while I was busy feeling the tiny feet kicking the insides of my stomach!

Charlotte to Hyderabad via Chicago - Our air travel

Charlotte to Hyderabad via Chicago – Our air travel

We boarded flight from Charlotte to Chicago after a rather awkward goodbye to our local mother – figure. (Awkward because we didn’t want to fly with tearful faces.) Imagine flying on a plane with tear streaked faces! (That will guarantee, you get loads of attention!)

At Chicago, we had to board Air India, but thanks to the over enthusiastic personnel, we had an issue. They didn’t want to let Mr.Bee fly!

Like many South Indians, Mr.Bee has a very long name. (Luckily I don’t. I am just Manogna!) He has one name on the credit card,something else on the driving license and everything put together on the passport! He had flown to India from many countries but had never faced any issues. Now that we decided to settle in India for good, we were stopped!

After seeing that Mr.Bee was accompanying me, a pregnant woman, the personnel let us go. (They let us travel, warning us that it might be an issue if we are returning to USA!) After the issue was settled, we hardly had any time left. We almost ran to our flight. These airport guys ate up all our precious time!

Since it was very important for me to keep moving every two hours in the plane, I booked an aisle seat with lots of leg space. But sadly, since the flight was changed, I didn’t get the seat I had booked.

Mr.Bee requested a fellow passenger to let me sit in his seat instead of the middle seat. But he rejected our proposal very rudely, saying that he wanted leg space, that is the reason he booked the said seat! (I don’t say you should always give away your seat to some unknown damsel in distress, but if you have to reject, do it without hurting them!)

Since I faced a rude rebuttal, I felt tearful. (So when you see a pregnant woman tearful, try not to judge her. Just understand that her hormones are working full time!)

Luckily, my prayers were answered and almost all of the tail cabin of the plane was empty. I selected the best seat out of the lot and stretched my legs to my heart’s content!

We landed at Delhi in the afternoon and had a quick lunch at Starbucks. I felt happy to land on Indian soil and see lots of Indian faces, some of them even talking at the top of their lungs in my mother tongue, Telugu!

Our two hour flight from Delhi to Hyderabad was most difficult because Mr.Bee and I struggled a lot to keep our eyes open!(It was midnight in Charlotte then!)

It is altogether another story about the tears I shed seeing my parents after two years and all… (Uff, these hormones, I say again! Now is the time to blame anything on hormones. Not getting enough sleep – hormones; not able to buy your favourite shirt – hormones ; not able to go to a movie – hormones!!!)

All in all , the day ended with a nice hot shower at 11:00 p.m and I hardly slept a wink! (Mr.Bee is an exception, though πŸ˜› )


1. If you are pregnant and flying international, you will have to have a doctor signed letter, specifying the week of pregnancy you are in and the due date should be mentioned too.

2. Some say the security check done at the airports is not safe for the unborn baby. But if the security check uses cell signals, it is safe. If x-ray signals are used, that can be harmful to the baby. So check with the personnel if you have any questions about the type of signals used at the security checks in airports. On request, they even do manual checks if you want to avoid any kind of electronic checks.

3. Also, drink lots of water when travelling and the personnel in the plane are more than ready to help. So if you want meals at a particular time, you can ask them. Even if you are hungry suddenly, you can still ask them for food or snacks. I like the tomato juice provided by Air India. Even the meals and snacks they provide are very tasty. The only issue we faced was the clogging of toilets! Two of the toilets had clogged during our flight and I saw lots of old parents, had to stand in a line and wait for their turn.

4. I declared the Indian currency I had, at the airport. I still have old currency and to change it, I will have to go to Chennai, which is a waste of travel expenses for me!

5. I have drawn a QB cartoon after a very long gap. I hope to do it regularly from now on. Lets see! (All the accessories I included in the pic are the ones I have in real life. Yup, I love the Captain America suitcase.)

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    1. Welcome back and Now I can safely bet, we are going to see lots and lots of stick figure cartoons and snippets, from the queen B. in the coming days.

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