Time travel

The alphabet for today is: T
Let me start my rants about Time Travel (a double T!)
Many geeky sci-fi fans shall shout from the rooftops that Time Travel is a Sci-fi story, where the hero or heroine or some random guy travels through time zone beyond centuries to see others and their living conditions.
But, if someone had asked me what time travel was.., I should say time travel is as good as dreaming! (Sadly, none have asked me) Individuals travel beyond times in dreams; re-live their childhood memories or unfulfilled fantasies and what not, just as in time travel.
Are Time Travel and Teleportation one and the same?No.
The process of sending a mass into the past or future is called Time Travel which is done through Teleportation.
Is it possible to travel through time? The speculations ran rife that it is possible to time travel.Some say not!
To explain this complex phenomenon is difficult but,i have a video here,why not watch it for yourselves?
1. What do you have to say about time travel and teleportation?  I, for one would like to see all the mysteries solved. Firstly ,the reason for Agatha Cristie’s disappearance,solve the mystery of crop circles, how did Marilyn Monroe die and where did Amelia Earhart disappear to,how the dinosaurs became extinct …might even help stop some calamities from happening.
2. Hermoine uses the Time Turner in the third installment of Harry potter.

3. The first instance the time travel came into limelight was when H.G.Wells had written the sci-fi novel,Time Machine. Did anyone read it?

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