The Whistle and the Mouth – Organ

Did I ever mention that I love anything that creates a noise..especially the whistle and the mouth organ.

I have Queen Bee cartoon of the week ready and here it goes..

Cleaning the room and my shelf

Cleaning can be boring…until you come across your passion ,midway!

finding mouth organ and whistle

The passion turns out to be…a mouth organ and a whistle

Noisy stuff

Did anyone say i am a noisy kid? Nope!

What if you decided to clean your room and the shelves, just because your mother found them messy?

What if your mother thinks you will be done with cleaning with in ‘half an hour’, in time for lunch?

What if you end up finding the long lost cousins, a whistle and a cute mouth organ which had been your companions in your childhood days?

What if you are neither proficient in whistle nor the (ahem)..mouth organ?

You end up creating a whole lot of new sounds which hardly are in a tune. You have whole new range of Ragas in your possession which make no sense to others but, well, you enjoy creating them.



That friends, is how I clean my shelf.



1. I forbid my readers from coming to my home and asking the neighbours if I am a model citizen or noisy sometimes. I may have to bribe my way around!

2. I have the habit of exaggerating a bit for fun and no , I am not as noisy as you people think I am. 😉

3. This is the last post of the year. I wanted to post the cartoon on 31st December, but then i decided no one will have time to read it then! Won’t you people be busy with celebrations? Any resolutions for the new year?

4. Yikes! Let me add….

Greetings from QueenBee for a happy new year

Happy New Year to all the readers…!


11 thoughts on “The Whistle and the Mouth – Organ

  1. I never get down to cleaning mt room unless I had 3-4 hours at a stretch for the task. It was like playing treasure hunt :p.

    Happy new year to you too.

    Btw, what does beeafteryou mean?

    Do drop by mine.


    1. I have already visited your blog twice.
      Bee After You…as i said in my About Bee After You page, is about me, the Queen Bee. I had the habit of running after my mom, sis and dad when i had something to tell and never left go them till i told what i had to tell. I would follow them even if they are busy in their chores to complete my side of the story! So that’s what i wanted to convey when i named my blog so!

    1. Isn’t it? I too love to read…
      What i do if i come across my favourite books is to stuff the shelves of all the items i removed out to clean and then sit peacefully on the bed to read!

  2. And by the way… We will read the blog, read old posts and go through this whenever we get time. Its fun to read old posts…. 🙂

  3. First of all, happy new year QB. Have a blessed year ahead.

    Yeah remeber the stuff we do when cleaning my room. I used to stuff everything together and in to the closet. Then my mom used to do the whole thing again. And i’m good to go. Thats how its done!!

    Had fun always…. 🙂

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