The Potter’s Wheel

Like I said in my previous post, the new ‘hobby’ that is occupying most of my time is pottery.

Not that i don’t waste my time watching the usual Netflix series! (I am watching many shows in simultaneously, that i lost the count of them! I completed watching all the seasons of Friends and How I Met Your Mother, along with anime ‘Naruto‘ , ‘Avatar‘; ‘Avatar – Korra’and ‘The Seven Deadly Sins‘..)

I have begun to love pottery so much and in the beginning I would end up at the pottery studio daily!

Now that I am comfortable with the kind of pottery I am making , I have started to blog again.

I still have a long way to go before I make very good stuff.

Peope have asked me ‘why pottery’!

Do you remember watching the movie Titanic?

Oh, I am not talking about the way the ship sunk …for that, the previous post is perfect. But , in the movie, there is a scene where the old Rose is shown making pottery. That particular scene had stuck to me all these years and when I finally got some time to myself(Since I am not working) I decided to learn pottery.

Taking a handful of clay and moulding it into a shape and adding colour to it is a huge process, which required loads of interest and some amount of practice.

Now that I have made some articles, I have stored them in my showcase, like artifacts.


First bowl of clay

                                                                        My first ever bowl made from clay…

After firing it in the kiln, the clay becomes hard and looks something like this…

first three

                                                       After firing : Numbered in the order they were made by me.

During the first class, the instructors help us a great deal, so my first bowl looks way better than my 2nd and 3rd ones. The second and third were completely made by me, without any kind of help from instructor.

For the next post I will show how the end products look like after glazing.

Till the next post, ciao.


  1. The articles in the pictures look bigger than they originally are!
  2. Do you have a hobby? Did you ever feel proud of yourself when you made something?
  3. For the next post on pottery, I will be giving the detailed account of the process involved.

8 thoughts on “The Potter’s Wheel

  1. I’m so happy you are brave enough to fuel your hobbies. By bringing the reference of Titanic you made me all emotional and right now all I can think of is: old Rose’s pendant sinking down towards the ocean bed :’-(

    1. 😀
      Thank you. I have had passion for pottery since a long time and thanks to Mr.Bee , learning pottery is now a reality.
      That is the reason I am happy I have landed in Charlotte, more than anything else. Charlotte is an artist’s paradise.

  2. of all the things in the movie u had to remember that! Cameron would cry?? 😛
    Any way i guess it is good, if it gave the inspiration to take up a hobby…
    i remembered the movie Ghost though!! 😀
    not bad for a first timer… the pottery looks good…way to go…
    practice practice and more practice is the key…so do your best.
    can’t wait to read about the further processing of the baked pots…

    1. Ya…i loved the old lady in the movie and I liked the idea that she made pottery at that old age!
      Thank you and ya, i will continue practising and make good stuff in future.

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