The Myrtle Beach

What do Desi folk do when they meet on Saturdays? They plan what to do on Sunday! That’s what we did and look where we went!!

The Myrtle Beach!

I was sleep deprived because we reached home late from dinner, 12 in the night and getting up the next day at 6 in the morning! I have not done that since my wedding day!

By 7, we were ready and met the others,R,A, Am, N at the said spot.

Six of us started for Myrtle Beach, made a brief stop at Subway to eat a sumptuous breakfast. Loved my veggie delight.

The destination was a 3-hr long drive from Charlotte to Myrtle Beach,in South Carolina. (Charlotte is in North Carolina). For all the three odd months I have been in Charlotte, this was the first I have been out of the state.


As soon as we reached the Myrtle Beach, it was already sunny in afternoon. We went to the ‘Bombay at the Beach‘ restaurant had Aloo Paratha with Mango Lassi(which is not exactly the best lassi ever, but I have tasted better and also worst ones in Charlotte)

After pleasing our stomachs by filling it completely, the gang of 6 went to Ripley’s Aquarium Myrtle Beach.

The best thing is that, we get to walk under the aquarium with fishes, sharks, shrimps , sting rays swimming above our heads. The aquarium has a tunnel for tourists to watch the aquatic life from, under the aquarium. Its like walking among them.

Aquarium size

The aquarium – (Pic taken to show the size of the aquarium relative to the size of a human!)


Shrimps with horns!

colony of fishes

Me, looking at the fishes going in huge numbers.

Just as I was busy admiring the beautiful fishes, comes a huge surprise, fishes which look so much like eels and more scarier! Look at the pic below. It was more scary when I saw it LIVE!

scary fish

I know, this one scared the hell out of me..

Then comes a pretty sight, a tiny sea water fish resting …

restive fish

Favorite Resting Spot!


The Nemo fish made popular by the ‘Finding Nemo’ movie – Now which of the two is Nemo? 😛

Just as we reached the darker parts of the aquarium, where bright colored fishes were placed, we found an octopus. Since Octopus hate light, some of the Spaniard tourists put cell phone lights on it to make it move! It sure moved a lot..


Want to predict a match? Go to the Octopus!

I have always heard only about the Sea horse, but great was my surprise to know there are also Sea Dragons.

Sea Dragon

Look Closely, its a Sea Dragon

Sea Horse

And that’s a sea horse….

Jelly fishes were a beautiful sight in the dark background…

Jelly fish

Loads of Jelly fish, reminded me of the seeds of the sacred tree in AVATAR!

Some fishes build their own nest which looks like a plastic tube. The tube in the below pic is an artificial replica on display.

Tube nest fish

A tube fish – don’t know the original name

I bought myself a souvenir of a mermaid.

We then headed towards the beach as it was 5 in the evening. We played in the beach.(After Cape Hatteras, Myrtle Beach seems bad. Because it is a highly populated beach. I have seen cleaner & clearer  sands!)

We changed our clothes after playing in the water and headed out for ice creams.

Mr.Bee and I, then got onto the SkyWheel, the attraction at the beach, where the Ferris Wheel on the beach shows us the view of the whole beach as we reach top. Each bunk gets its place on the crown of the Ferris Wheel as it stops for 5 mins to let us take in the environment.

I was too scared to see first, but then, I enjoyed the Sky Wheel ride, thanks to Mr.Bee.

Sky Wheel

Sky Wheel on the Myrtle Beach – (Pic taken from the net)

As we had to reach Charlotte before the traffic grew worse, we headed towards the cars for a ride back home.

On the way, we stopped at Mexican Restaurant had a sumptuous dinner. By the time we reached home it was already 11:30. (Traffic from Myrtle Beach towards Charlotte is very high and it being weekend, didn’t help us any!)

Overall, a fun day. Next post on the anvil.


1 I saw a beautiful T-shirt with Ganesha’s picture on it. It was awesome.

2. There was a ‘I Love Sugar’ store, where we had ice creams and it reminded me of ‘Charlie’s chocolate factory’! So many varieties..uff. Had a tough time controlling my urge to buy calorie rich food. In the end, I also bought chocolates.


3. At the aquarium there are also many sting rays, which moved around so gracefully like a girl playing with her skirt. There is also one shark with its mouth elongated like that of an alligator, but in the shape of a saw, so it is called SAW FISH. I saw one of it in this aquarium.

4. If you are a parent with girls or if you are a young girl, you will love the mermaid make-over, here, in the aquarium. Lucky girls.  A make-up salon makes sure you are happy with your mermaid costume. 🙂

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