The familiar face

This incident happened recently when i went out with my mom and i was itching to draw a cartoon regarding the same! Since it is Wednesday , it is going to be QB cartoon of the week.


It all started at the Ladies Cloth Emporium where we were regular shoppers.

Mom met two people there,one, an aunty who used to be in our apartment and the other an older lady who was the aunty’s mother. (so the scene involved two pairs of mother-daughters; me and mom; aunty and old lady)

Old lady- aunty- mom

I was waiting outside the entrance waiting for the old lady to pass me..

Just as all the three ended their conversation, I waited patiently outside for the old lady to come out. I didn’t want to obstruct her at the door!(Not that I am as fat as the entrance! How insulting! I was just being respectful..)

See the next scene..

Familiar face beta

Should i giggle or not? Ok, let me smile !

As the lady came out she saw me smiling pleasantly at her.

She then said the dialogue,”You look very familiar beta!” and i took the chance to tell the lady that i was the daughter of the lady she had just talked inside the shop with! I even pointed out my mom to her.

She smiled away with an ‘Aha!’.

So that’s how I became a familiar face to a lady I had never seen in my life!


1. The old lady looked very thin and feeble with grey hair filling her head. Sadly, i couldn’t draw white hair in the cartoon as the background is already white! (Bahh…)

And she was not using a walking stick, but without white hair, my cartoon hardly looked like an old woman! So i took the privilege to draw a walking stick!!

2. No wonder people comment that i am a xerox copy of my mom. Point noted!

8 thoughts on “The familiar face

    1. Oh-Oh..i only thought there were clever readers, now i know i have readers who are satirists too!
      Ya..photocopy! But people have said ‘xerox’ as a compliment to me, not a photocopy. So i have used the same word here.

    2. QB wasnt there in the first cartoon pic. It was QB’s mom n other two ladies… QB came into picture in the second one out of nowhere but being a familiar face.

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