The Christmas Angel

Today being Christmas and decorations of every kind adorning the malls and houses alike, i become nostalgic.

We had celebrations on the eve of Christmas in school, ours being a Christian Missionary, a convent.

Each year the chubbiest of all the tenth class students was selected to play the ‘Santa’. Enough cotton acting up as a beard, a pillow to show off the ‘family pack belly’; a red sack filled with chocolates and lo, our very own classmate could be ‘the Santa’. The said Santa would throw chocolates into the students sitting in the audience and we would wait eagerly to see who the lucky ones were, to get a chocolate. (Sadly i never got one,ever, because I never sat in the audience…i would either be in the choir or dance or both!)

Santa - Merry Christmas

Offending Santa..!!

One such year during Christmas in school, I played the role of an angel, dressed up in white, dancing around the shed of Virgin Mary , Joseph and  baby Jesus, with all eyes on Him!(Here of course, Mary , Joseph were fellow students, but the Jesus had always been the same doll, wrapped up in finest clothes,that is!)

While I was dressed up as an angel, in white along with other friends (half a dozen of us,students were the angels and we had another senior play the fairy GodMother!) we danced to the soft music ,as if angels were celebrating the birth of Jesus.

I don’t remember other important details of who performed what and all, but i enjoyed playing an angel. I do remember that another three stout kids were made to play the 3 wise men!(That was when i understood that being chubby in school had its share of advantages! 😛 )

What more? I enjoyed being an angel…yipeee…!

I got to wear a white frock, with a magic wand with a star at top and another star covering part of my forehead and i really enjoyed the experience!

Angel on Christmas

Dancing to the slow music i was humming as i continued to dance like the Angel..!

Angel on Christmas - 2

Can’t be an angel longer? Uff..

Did any of my readers celebrate Christmas in school? Did you have a role-play like us? Comment below to share.


1. There are other experiences of Christmas too. That will be out in another post. I had to hurry up this post as i promised about a post today! Had a hectic day.

2. Wait for more posts and ya…Merry Christmas to readers.

Merry Christmas

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13 thoughts on “The Christmas Angel

    1. Thats a good one there!
      I love your sketch.
      It feels good to be called an angel…yessss!!
      and…let me add that i love long white dress.. 😉 😛

  1. In UKG, I participated in Christmas celebrations in school. There is a photo where I hold a placard that reads ‘I’. I have no clue of what happened on the stage or what I spoke. You are at least fortunate to remember what roles you played on stage 🙂

    Destination Infinity

    1. haha…
      i remember this much because i was in my 7th standard when i played an Angel.
      I don’t have a clue if i was on stage even to carry a placard or something in U.K.G!
      I don’t think i participated in anything at that time. for thought. Will try brain storming. 😛

    1. CRD,
      see…that goes to show how much i enjoyed it, so i kept repeating myself.
      Thanks for liking the illustrations and ya,welcome to Bee After You.
      Had a great Christmas?

  2. Hi,
    During my school days I also enjoyed a lot during this X-Mass with my friends, eagerly used to wait for Santa in the night.
    Thanx for sharing such a beautiful sweet memory of yours which also made me feel very nostalgic.

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