And FIFA comes to an end!

So German football team is crowned CHAMPIONS and the proof is FIFA 2014 trophy. I hoped and prayed that Germany would win hands down and came true. (Hail the latest Football GOD..Mario Gotze)

Thomas Muller with Gotze
This is a fitting final. It didn’t seem one-sided like the match Germany played against Brazil. The match ran into ‘extra time’.
 Farewell to the hero Klose as it is his last world cup. (I agree. I am actually veryyy partial to Klose!)
There is this video which shows Klose giving last minute instructions to Gotze as he left the field.
(Taken from FIFA website as usual!)
People,do you see Klose becoming emotional at the end of the video. Priceless moment for the Champions. I felt the same when India won the cricket World Cup on home ground! (Yuvraj singh and Dhoni being my absolute favourites )
So the fast paced game of football of FIFA world cup came to an end.
This pic is another favourite of mine from the worldcup.
The Christ Redeemer at Rio De Janeiro stadium.
1. Summing up the FIFA, England and Spain disappoint,Brazil shock us, Ronaldo down with injuries, a brilliant header by Netherlands player Van Persie, maximum saves by Tim Howard USA, 16 goals in World Cup by Klose are most memorable.
2. I wish Paul, the Octopus were alive!
3. Pictures courtesy: Search Engine.