My Animal Farm

It all started with me returning to Hyderabad. Staying in an apartment in India is not new to me, but finding myself in the company of many animals is! (Presently, as is the norm, I am staying with my parents.)

One fine Sunday afternoon, when our home was filled with guests of all ages and I was immersed in talking about various topics, all hell broke loose. I heard cries, which scared the hell out of me! (No surprise there.) The cries came from our verandah. Inspite of my present state (of having a belly which doesn’t even let me see my own feet without bending forward!), I rushed to see what the hullabaloo was about.

There, standing near our utility area were two monkeys, eating the snacks my mom gave our house help! The monkeys scared off our 60 year old house help, like a couple of predators and began munching her hot snacks!

Our house help was caught off guard and she cried in blood curdling scream, ran towards our watchman’s house and that was the scene before our eyes.

Of the two monkeys, one was a fully grown and the other was a baby. While they scared off the house help, they were munching the snacks, looking quite harmless!

It is all together another story of how the monkeys were shoo-ed away.

And then there is the cat!

The stubborn little cat is not scared easily. Even when we shout or try to shoo it away, it doesn’t blink an eye! It looks on with little respect to our “cat shooing away skills”!

The first time I saw the little monster was when I left the door to the verandah open and the cat found it too tempting not to barge in!

I had to hurl a slipper near the cat(taking pains not to hit it! Yes, PETA, I am not cruel to animals, but I don’t like being taken for granted either!) The rogue cat, didn’t even budge. It took three of us to force it away!

One or two such incidents left me with a bad taste(rather opinion) for cats! (I had a cat as a pet for a day in my childhood, remember?)

What do you do if the said cat empties your dust bin daily and spreads it across the floor? That shoots my BP up to ceiling!

And today, I found the cat sitting on the wall, staring at the coconut tree!

Well kitty, you got me there!

Look out to the left to see the cat, staring the coconut tree with fanatic devotion!

Closer look at the mesmerized look of the cat!

“I hope the coconuts turn into mice!”

Let’s not even talk about the pigeons flying about near our apartment!

That was when I decided that living in the heart of the city, one can still feel like they are living in a modern farm (or ranch) with lots of animals for company and here it is, my Animal Farm!

Come on George Orwell, I am just using your very famous title, but this post is not plagiarized in anyway! 😛


1. It is quite challenging to try and shoo away the animals. I prefer leaving the verandah to their mercy, rather than spend time shooing them. I have no patience for that now. I have other stuff to think about!

2. With the industrialization, more and more monkeys are coming into cities and creating nuisance on a daily basis. I think the summer heat has curbed the problem a bit.

3. Word of the day: hullabaloo – which means ‘a fuss’

4. Have you read The Animal Farm by George Orwell? I did. I read it upon the suggestion by my uncle and I liked it.