No food for Breakfast C/o Cape Hatteras

With the day break, Mr.Bee woke me up at 6, so that we could enjoy a beautiful Sun Rise in the beach and live our lives telling all who can listen about the sun rise at the Atlantic Ocean!

Sun rise

Sun rays covering the sky – missed the Sun rise by a couple of whiskers!(Clouds spoiled the fun)

Mr.Bee brought out his burly looking Nikon I talked about earlier and kept himself busy, while I was brushing my teeth and trying to let my eyes look less sleepy!

Apparently,there was the Moon as well as the Sun in the morning,therefore the tides were high in the beach which made it good for surfing, fishing and guess what, Mr.Bee and I saw sharks too on that day! Talk about luck.

Surfers - CH

Surfers on the board…enjoying early morning tidal waves


Fishing is Fun- for humans , that is!

We walked on the beach collecting conches, shells and taking numerous pics during our ‘one and half hour’ walk. The pic below with Motel in the background with both our footprints in front had come out fine after good many re-takes. Reason? Well, I kept running hither and thither for perfect sea-shells which I would spot so regularly!

Footprints on sand.

The Beach, the Motel and the Footprints on sand.

Look at all the shells I have collected in the beach. (After returning home, the first thing I did before unpacking the clothes was cleaning the shells in water and drying them in cloth and tissue papers, for storing them! That’s how much I love them..check out the pics)


Mr.Bee collected some of the bigger ones, including the one which looks like a honey comb holed sponge!


Tiny ones in different colors were what i loved collecting. I found Atlantic beaches have more black & white shells than the Indian beaches

After the early morning walk in the beach, I felt hungry and asked Mr.Bee if he wanted breakfast , like I did.

He said he wanted me well fed! So we rushed to our room, brought our wallets and got into the car to go to a breakfast eatery.

Sadly, after more than two rounds of cruising on the empty roads we found out that Cape Hatteras was a very sleepy place where the day starts at 11:00 A.M.

If I wake up early I begin to feel hungry early on, which is a truth I knew well before I knew I was a grown up now!

Anyway, with me sulking for the lack of food and hunger pangs making me angry, Mr.Bee found a place to go.

It was the Avon Pier, a pier built well into the beach where people came to fish. At the entrance of the pier there was a store open from 6:00 A.M in the morning to midnight.

We thanked all the Gods I could think of and all the other Gods I forgot to pray to,for keeping a shop open.

As I surveyed the shop to buy something I could eat, I found we only had few options. It was the most memorable breakfast ever, because I had to eat a dough nut (which I never ate till then and vowed never to eat, considering it is the sweetest thing in the U.S of A) and also an ice-cream of chocolate chips.(which was so bad, but I was more hungry than selective!)

Mr.Bee promised to get me something else for he went again in search of plain dough-nut without sweetener and couldn’t find it. I was doomed!   🙁

We soon returned to the beach, called both sets of parents for a brief Skype session to show them how beautiful the beach was.

Later, Mr.Bee set up the tent in the middle of the beach with very little help from me. I was very kind as to sit inside the tent while he was busy fastening it into the sand. The wind blowing heavily was no match to my weight as I sat ,stopping the tent from falling.

Beach tent

I brought the sun screen with me while we sat in the tent facing the Sun in its hot glory.

While I was busy sitting in the tent, Mr.Bee managed to get the Sea-gulls to pose for him!   😛


The Sea Gull ‘Line Table Conference’ – ‘How to scare QB sitting inside the Beach tent?’ seemed to be the topic of discussion!

Independent Gull

The Independent Sea Gull lost in its thoughts. ‘The seed QB threw at me was red but not meat! Hmm..very sad!’

After like two hours in the hot beach Sun, we ran into our room, to wash ourselves and go touring the local important places.

That’s when we went to the Native American Museum and Cape Hatteras Light-House.

Since I can’t show what all I saw in the Museum in this post and make it more lengthy than it already is, I will post it as a new post.

Next post will be up after the weekend. Cheerio till then friends.


1. Even though we came to the beach by 6:00 in the morning we missed the Sun Rise, but we saw something more beautiful, the Sun on one side and the Moon on the other side of the sky. Made my day , in fact.

The 'Early Riser' Sun

The ‘Early Riser’ Sun


And…the Moon!

2. We ate fruits while sitting inside the beach tent and that was a wonderful experience.(I threw one seed at a sea gull, just to check if it ate vegetarian stuff. The sea-gull poked it but didn’t eat it.The seed was red in color and looked like meat. Now I know for sure,sea gulls only eat crabs.) I got to see loads of crabs on the beach which were playing hide and seek with the sea-gulls trying to eat them.

On the same day I saw two Crabs…

One…..The crabs coming in and out of their holes reminded me of a computer game, PC-Man, where the crabs move about so! These game makers do have good observation skills.


Search for the Crab in the picture(Forget the shadow!)

Two…..The guy on the Avon Pier  who was busy fishing and looked so similar to Crabbe! I did a double-take, looked at him, almost stared him! He was so similar, I hoped he was not Crabbe! 😛


Crabbe from Harry Potter, the side kick of Draco Malfoy!

3. Pictures Courtesy : Mr.Bee except the last one of Crabbe which is taken from the search engines.