I Felt like Gandhi!

Yup, today I am back with a Queen Bee cartoon after a loooong time.

This one is about the time in my third trimester when the gynec told me , I better start walking if I need to meet my own expectations! Thats when I started my walks. (I was fairly regular. It is a surprise I managed to bring my lazy bones to work!)

It all started like this…

Walking alone in the backyard, with thousands of thoughts running in QB’s brain

On the second day, the cat I told you guys about in my Animal Farm post, started to follow me…If you are a Telugu movie buff, there is a song in the movie Nannaku Prematho, (which roughly translates to ‘To Dad, with love’), I was reminded of that song after this incident!)

The cat that liked to follow..!

You can see a stick in my hand. That was to try to scare the cat away, but it hardly worked. I began to walk with a stick in hand, so much that people would come and ask me, why I was holding a stick. They thought it was a walking stick! (It actually helped. Some days I would find it very difficult to walk, the stick was really helpful!)

After some days, I had few more followers, in the form of our watchman’s kids. They would follow me most days. As if that was not enough, I had a pair of twins run after me!(the twins were grandchildren of a resident in our apartment)

I didn’t know, a pregnant lady can attract so much attention and gain followers!

After the number of followers began to increase, I felt like Gandhi, on his Dandi March! (He had loads of followers and he moved around with a stick in his hand!)

So what do you say? Am I right in feeling that way?


1. This is a light hearted post comparing QueenBee’s situation to Gandhi. This is not meant to hurt anyone.

2. NTR junior’s song, as mentioned above.

3. It is another matter that I soon developed pain in my right foot, which made walking very difficult. Ofcourse, buying a pair of doctor prescribed shoes does ease the pain.

4. Our watchman’s son is a kiddo who gives away loads of smiles. He doesn’t believe in talking, whereas his younger sister keeps shouting at the top of her voice and waves a ‘bye’ to everyone that would listen.

5. I tried my best to draw a shape which looks like a cat! I think I am fairly successful.