Sunset at Dwarka Beach

Day 3: (Dwarkadish Beckons…part 2 continued)

The next day we woke up and had our morning teas and coffees in the hotel before starting for Beyt Dwaraka. We didn’t eat breakfast as we were planning on visiting a temple.

If you want to visit Beyt Dwaraka, you can reach it only through boats(It is a small island, check out the map here). We waited for the launch boats to carry us across. I was worried sick, that Baby Bee may not like it at all..luckily, the cool air reaching us from top of the water made him happy.

Travelling in a Launch Boat with Baby Bee

The temple visit was nothing much to write about. Be ready to be cursed if you are not ready to buy! (Some of the hawkers were so disappointed with their lack of business, they kept cursing every devotee! What a very stupid thing to do in a holy place)

We had our breakfast, a plate of poori. (Nothing else was available, except poori and bread bajji) We bought stuff like bangles, toys made of ceramic, conches and returned to the launch boat.

Bought half a dozen conches, we have some conch lovers in the family.

Fan of toys? Why let go a Toy Tea cup set in ceramics ? Bought one for myself near this young lady.

The crowd was buzzing with excitement and it felt like there will surely be a stampede! Baby Bee had the time of his day and grabbed as many pony tails as was possible for his tiny hands. (He loves pulling hairs and he pulled several of mine successfully, from the very roots! It takes lots of patience to not scold him when he does that!)

After our visit to Beyt Dwarka we went to the Nageswar temple (Jyotirlinga). Even from 200ft away from the temple, we saw the huge statue of Lord Shiva.

Formidable presence of Lord Shiva

As we got closer, we also saw the serpentine queues of devotees waiting for a darshan. There are people inside the temple who take money and stamp your forehead with a Shiva Linga or some Holy verses.

Didn’t I say serpentine queues?

Darshan took more than 45 minutes. Just behind the temple , there is a lone restaurant. We waited for more than half an hour to even get water there!(Service is very poor and the food sucks big time!) Because of the frustrating experience I even lost Baby Bee’s cute little glass in the restaurant. (After waiting for half an hour with hungry stomachs, eating a very bad lunch was truly frustrating. I was in a hurry to leave and so left behind Baby Bee’s glass)

From there, we returned to Dwarka, to visit the Rukmini temple, which is on the outskirts of Dwarka. (The peaceful abode of the Goddess, who looks very beautiful, made out of white marble, while the main deity in Dwarkadish temple is understandably black in colour.)

The almost empty temple of the beautiful Rukmini Devi, wife of Lord Krishna

The history behind the temple is that, Krishna, Rukmini and Durvasa Maharshi were going on a chariot to Dwarka, when suddenly Rukmini maa felt thirsty. Lord Krishna then quenched Her thirst by bringing river Ganga from the ground. Durvasa Maharshi was insulted that Rukmini didn’t offer him water before drinking it Herself. So he cursed Her that there will be no rains at the place where Rukmini makes Her home! So to avoid famines in Dwarka, Rukmini was made to stay on the outskirts of Dwarka. (Sad story! I felt Lord Rama and Sita were separated in one life and as Lord Krishna and Rukmini also, they couldn’t live together. One doomed marriage,repeated twice, I say!)

We then returned to our hotel room for a very brief break and returned to Gomti river to cross the Sudama sethu. (A pedestrian only bridge connecting the main temple of Dwarka to the Dwarka beach).

Sudama Sethu – named after Lord Krishna’s best friend. Turns out, being a very good devotee makes us popular!

After regular breaks, we walked to the Dwarka beach, the end point of India on the Western side of the country.

We saw the setting Sun…

The beautiful sunset at Dwarka beach-Photos like this are what wallpapers are made of!

took some photos,

QueenBee on the Dwarka beach – Sunset makes any photos, beautiful!

When we knew we had little energy, I saw the Samudra Narayan temple. Since every part of the body was beginning to ache, I decided to pray to Samudra Narayan from afar! (Took the photo of the temple from the beach. Ain’t that beautiful?)

Samudra Narayana temple – how many temples does Dwarka have?

We returned to the hotel and had a hearty sleep. One fruitful day came to an end!

What about the next days plans? Wait…! That’s fodder for another post. 😛


1. Dwarka is the capital of Lord Krishna’s kingdom, whereas, Beyt Dwaraka is Lord Krishna’s residence. (Historical fact : Bet or Beyt Dwarka was the place where Lord Krishna had his Bheti or meetings.)

2. There are lots and lots of birds in Gujarat and it was nice seeing them go about in various formations. (The Airforce must have gotten the idea of formations after watching one such instance of birds flying in formations!)

3. Gujarati script is similar to Hindi, except there is no horizontal line at the top and some of the letters are different from those of Hindi. If you concentrate and put your mind to it, you can read Gujarati Billboards, with just your Hindi knowledge.

Gujarati Script sample