Time Travel with BOSE QC 35 II headphones!

Like always, I reached office on time. I like being punctual and leading by example.

A few smiles, hellos and good mornings later, I reached my cabin. I sat in my seat, facing the KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE STARS AND FEET ON THE GROUND quote on the wall opposite me.

Waiting any longer seemed useless. I put on the QC 35 II wireless headphones, covering my ears completely.

QC35 II headphones – available in silver and black

It didn’t feel like I had headphones at all. Like a simple customer out to buy his favourite product, I walked towards the window in my cabin to look at my reflection. I silently appraised my dark suit before looking at the headphones, which were screaming for my attention.

I smiled. The noise cancellation on my headphones was working wonders! Even without meditating, I felt at peace!

I let my finger reach the Action button. “Hey Siri!”, I said out loud (or so I thought! I couldn’t hear my own voice in the voice cancellation mode),”Play Instrumental music of Bismillah Khan!”, I said, being very careful to give clear instructions. Using voice to control a virtual assistant, that is a dream come true.

“Sure”, replied Siri, filling my ears with the sound of a slow Shehnai.

I continued staring at the window but the vision I saw was not me but my old toothless nanaa listening to the old radio on the patio. The music of Ustad Bismillah Khan‘s Shehnai was tinkling his ears. He sat with his eyes closed but there was a lingering smile on his lips.

I also remembered the time when nanaa‘s old radio developed some problems which no technician could solve. Nanaa never took no for an answer, but the radio hardly made any sound….

My nanaa made it his priority to tinker his precious radio’s sound system. That was the instance when I started dreaming about being an Electrical Engineer.

Buzz rang my QC 35 II wireless headphones.

“One new message”, announced Siri, bringing me back to reality.

I let my thumb dig the action button, “Hey Siri! Read the text message!”, I said. I already connected my headphones to my iphone through bluetooth. So naturally, Siri is my virtual private assistant(VPA).

“Don’t forget the surprise party we had planned!”, replied Siri.

Yes, thats the surprise we had planned for my younger brother, the music lover cum fanatic!

The QC 35 II made listening to music so easy.

My teenaged younger brother always had his walk-man safely attached to his belt, with ear phones tightly lodged in his ears! He enjoyed listening to some music everyday and managed to dance once in a while. It is altogether another matter whether he found the earphone wires interfering! (I know he would have given anything for a wireless headphones like the QC 35 II)

Guess what his birthday present is going to be?

I chuckled (though no sound reached my ears!), I don’t think he will be able to dance as much as he used to in his teenage years! That reminds me…let me play his favourite music!

“Play me some music by Nirvana!”, I ordered Siri.

Come to think of it. I always thought my brother’s taste in music sounded like noise. Listening to the same in the BOSE QC35 II makes it very appealing. I couldn’t help feeling elated and slightly proud!

Yes, noise! I remember the first time I flew from Calcutta(in those days) to Delhi, the loud noise the flight made during take-off and landing was very off-putting. I would have given away my precious medal in Electrical Engineering, for a noise cancellation headphone during my flight journeys!

Even loud speakers announcing religious celebrations or daily prayers, the band-baaja-baraat during weddings, the fireworks during Diwali, have all been part of my childhood! I had to endure all kinds of noises and still study for exams.

I remember dreaming and imagining about earphones which could cancel all the noise from outside and let me study in peace. How can I forget putting in extra effort to try to find a solution to my problems?

I smiled again. That is now a reality.

I wish I had QC 35 II in those days, when I would miss or be late, to most of my dates with my sweetheart, Saranya, all because I was busy working or because I simply forgot! Now my QC 35 II reminds me of my schedule.

The headphones feel very comfortable to use.They are made up of lightweight materials. I should gift this to my brother, before he decides to ask me himself! I don’t need my phone to set this as a reminder.

“Siri, remind me to buy the QC35 II for my brother..”

“OK. Reminder noted!”, Siri replied.

The answer to all my goals and dreams, Quiet Comfort 35 wireless headphones II. I always wanted to do something to music lovers like me, also in remembrance to my nanaa.

My Siri is very reliable. Only yesterday, when I used the BOSE Connect app, from the BOSE India website……

“Mr.Mihir! You have a meeting in 10 minutes at the conference room no. 3!”, Siri reminded me, scattering my thoughts.

Time for more discussions!

I removed the BOSE QC35 II headphones from my ears.

I could once again hear the hustle bustle of the noisy office!

Of course, celebrations are in order. We are having a happy party for the successful launch of QC35 II headphones, being the Headquarters of the BOSE and all!


1. As you might have guessed, this post is purely born out of my imagination. I brought this character to life only to show how many of us always dreamed of a product like this. Thanks to the actual makers for making this a reality.

2. This post is written for the #BoseQC35‬ and #BloggerContest.