Las Vegas, the place to be!

Who wouldn’t want to visit the gambling capital of USA? After watching ever popular FRIENDS series and movies like Oceans Eleven, I had very high hopes and was yearning for a visit.

The Ocean's Eleven team standing in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas

The Ocean’s Eleven team standing in front of the Bellagio in Las Vegas

Just when I was imagining Vegas city to be a plush green city , (which is far from the truth); Mr.Bee decided it was time to take me to Vegas, what with long weekend in the corner. Lucky for me, we had a mini vacation.

Day 1:

With a 4 hour flight from Charlotte to Vegas and a time difference of 3 hours, we landed in Vegas. Even the airport shows signs of it being a casino city, with slot machines lining up the arrival section, with ATMs nearby. So if you want to gamble and are out of money , you can draw money from the nearby ATMs. (How convenient!)

Slot Machines in the airport

Slot Machines in the airport

Let me add that I loved the Vegas airport, it was very colourful and energetic. (I have a weird love for airports in general and Vegas airport was very good, with trains for the sake of passengers’ convenience.)

Like always, we had already booked our hotel to stay at and this time it was The Venetian and a cab took us to our destination.

You will have to see the hotels in Vegas to know what luxury truly is! The Venetian had exquisite interiors and everything from the walls, to ceilings, to floors to pillars looked marvelous with attention to detail.

The beautiful ceiling in the Venetian hotel

The beautiful ceiling in the Venetian hotel

The statue in the reception area..

The reception area statue

The reception area statue

When getting ourselves a good room with view, some of Mr.Bee’s friends suggested that we slip a couple of bucks to the guys at the reception desk. Sadly, we had a lady behind the desk and we wondered if passing extra bucks to her for a good room would look good.

After dumping our luggage in our beautiful suite, we decided to roam the streets.

The beautiful room we stayed at, with our luggage in full view

The beautiful room we stayed at, with our luggage in full view

Las Vegas streets are very populated and lively. All the people rushing past us reminded me of the busy streets of New York especially the Times Square!

The hotels in Vegas, like the Bellagio, the Caesar’s Palace and the Venetian have their own shopping malls inside the hotels, mainly to compel the tourists to shop in the same premises and never leave the hotel!

The Venetian, in which we were staying, had high end designer stores , its very own Gondola rides , live programs etc. (In Venice, Italy, people use boats to travel the streets. These rides are called Gondola rides, where the person steering the boat sings songs for the entertainment of the riders. All this is replicated in the Venetian hotel.)

If I were given another chance, I would stay another week at the Venetian. I love it so much.

Anyway, the first floor of the hotel had the casino with loads of slot machines, roulette tables etc. The second floor had all the food courts from where we could easily walk into the shopping area of the hotel. We can’t access the other floors. Our floor was 19th and each time we went towards a lift, we had to show our key card to prove we really stay there, because, in a place like Vegas, it is very easy to fool anyone.

The gambling areas don’t allow anyone who doesn’t have ID proof. So, I had to carry my passport everywhere with me, which was such a pain! (An Asian lady at the roulette table complimented me that I look young. Its altogether another story that guessing people’s age in US is extremely difficult. You think they are in early twenties but they may be facing mid life crisis! You think someone is in their thirties and most often than not, they may still be undergrads! I speak from experience)

We set aside some money for our gambling and decided once the amount is over, we will stop gambling. We won some, we lost all of it. But what I loved most was the experience of it. I can now understand why gambling is called an addiction! The key is to know when to stop. At first, stopping seemed easy. But once we began winning, it became difficult to stop and we ended up losing everything! (Gambling makes us greedy.)

For all the three days of our stay at the Venetian, we gambled a lot.

Luckily, I found an Indian stall in the food court, where I had pani puri, chaat, chole batura , idli etc during our stay there. I even drank pots of hot Irani chai. Not that they were very good, but something is better than nothing! (I miss the Pani puri uncle near Ameerpet SBI branch!)

The Indian Restaurant where we ate most of our food

The Indian Restaurant where we ate most of our food

In the evening, Mr.Bee took me out for a romantic candle light dinner in the Eiffel Tower restaurant and I should say, the veg options there were awesome! (I thought they would be as bland and boring as the veggie dinner we had in Sydney Tower,Sydney. The view there was to die for, but the food is nothing to write about. I think , vegetarianism is more popular in America than in Australia and Europe.)

Eiffel Tower Restaurant view from far

Eiffel Tower Restaurant view from far

Mr.Bee bought me red roses for our dinner and the head waiter set them in a vase on the table for us…

Roses on our table

Roses on our table

After the dinner, we rushed to the Venetian, for our 9 o’clock outdoor Gondola ride, where the Gondola driver sang beautiful Italian love songs. We took a couple of pictures and shot videos and had a blast.

The'not-so-clear' picture of Mr.Bee and me, taking a fun Gondola ride

The’not-so-clear’ picture of Mr.Bee and me, taking a fun Gondola ride

By the time we went inside the hotel, we were tired. Mr.Bee told me that gamblers are active well into the night and early mornings. That made us want to go to the casino in the midnight, but once we reached our rooms after our gondola ride for quick rest, I couldn’t move a toe by midnight. So going to the casino was out of question.

We retired, me eager to have another day of absolute fun and Mr.Bee thinking about what more to show me in Vegas.


1. Las Vegas is a very dry city, a desert to be precise. It was very hot when we went out for an afternoon stroll.

2. There are more posts coming up, about the Vegas trip and our trip to Grand Canyon. Phew, a post on Niagara Falls also will be out soon. Catch them all !

3. Some technical difficulties stopped me from posting stuff, but now everything is cleared up. 🙂