The Bridal talk

With the marriage already more than a fortnight old and after watching all the movies in the theaters (and some of them twice!) I wanted to end the hiatus. After swiping the debit and credit cards of the significant other, who doesn’t mind calling himself ‘the Bee’ and loves treating the QueenBee like one, I had fun.

Eating out and without any self imposed discipline already shows, as i seem to have put on weight! (Bahhh..!)

I wanted to write earlier than today, but i have begun to enjoy being lazy, all over again!

I have already decided on dishing out some extra large gyaan, that i have gained recently.

So it all started like this…

A week before the marriage i was a bundle of nerves.

At one moment i would be happy that yes, i get to be the center of attention of all my friends and family for a single day, the most important day of my life, my marriage to Mr.Bee. And then again i would feel miserable and lost, as i would start wondering how can i impress the new family that i am going into? How will i not miss my parents and my sis? How will i ever be able to act like a grown up…as i am very used to being the apple, pineapple , banana and what not in the eyes of my parents and the sis! (I am more than just an ‘apple of the eye’ of the family)

With all these thoughts eating up the bridal brain of mine, i sweat more than usual! 😛 (It being summer didn’t help the cause either!)

A day before the marriage i had no thoughts at all. I faced the ‘blank phase’, almost like a writer’s block, if you know what i mean.(No thoughts at all and no ideas whatsoever)

The day of the marriage arrived and all i had to do was dress-up, sit, eat, dress-up, sit , eat , in no particular order. I was not allowed even to comb my own hair, others have done it for me. (Talk about being a princess for a day!)

The reception went on like a dream, i didn’t remember how it started and it ended with me feeling hungry , sleepy and tired silly.

I learned the biggest truth of my life on the day of my marriage and reception.

You ask me what it is?

While we were deciding the menu for the events, i had the upper hand in deciding all that i wanted on the menu and all that were my favourites as well as the groom’s. I wanted to eat loads of pani puris, cutlets, pav bhaajis and what not along with the rasgullas and kalakand.

I entered the dining hall (with my mouth watering in the magnitude of Niagara falls!) After the reception,the dance tamaashas, and the photo sessions, i had enough strength to stand like a crooked tree!

So i ended ordering the server to bring me all i loved on to my plate and ended up eating just a plate of cutlet and an icecream and nothing else! (Bahh!) I had the appetite of a hungry lion but ended up eating like a baby rabbit.

So how was the wedding?

How did it go? What are my feelings?

Another post will follow. Till then…eat …sleep and wait, while i try to find out what is wrong with my wp-blog and why it is not uploading any pics!


1. I had drawn a bunch of doodles to upload but sadly my blog seems to be taken ill. Will have to check it out now.

Cheerio friends. Will be back with a couple of pics from my wedding.