Another ‘novel’ experience

Like i already told you, my posts will be irregular this November, I had been busy.

What did i do in November(apart from missing my blog)

I started the month on a lazy note..(yawn!),why? Because it started on a Saturday. I hate working on saturday!( and sunday and monday and well,I hate working  😛 )


Sprints! What are they?

I had to punch in an approximate 1667 words each day of the month to complete my NaNoWriMo challenge and win myself a certificate and to have a novel under my belt.

Since November 1st was a Saturday,  I wanted to laze around ,watch a movie and do everything other than start my novel.

November 2nd, i managed to write 2000 words easily and ended up feeling very proud.

Then started the main hurdle, a period of self-doubt.

Can I write a fantasy? Never wrote anything in those lines ever! (blah blah and doubts continued).


hic are the hiccups that i used to get ,whenever i cried.

From 3rd, i punched in a regular 1500 words and reached 10,000 fast.With the lingering doubts eating up my memory space and brain usage.(almost like useless tasks which take up CPU usage and slow down the computer!)

I reached the 25,000 mark with little effort.(After doing NaNoWriMo last year, i had enough confidence about completing it this time as well.)

Then came mid-Nano crisis.(Now i know what a mid-life crisis can be! I was stuck with no thoughts at all. I didn’t know how to proceed with the story.)

As i wrote it already in previous post, we have group of writers flexing muscles(not like Salman Khan,which brings whistles in theaters, we just flex our finger muscles typing as if a mad bull or a dog is running behind us! Not that appealing ,right? 😛 )


‘NO TOMORROW’ sounds so much like a Bond movie name!

We, the writers, type these 30 days as if there is “no tomorrow”,complete the novel and boast to all those within ear-shot, who have enough patience to listen about our greatness.

After writing 25000 words, i participated in sprints, where fellow authors write together. Since writing is a lonely job, participating in sprints, along with fellow authors ,competing with them to reach our word count, by typing in sprints of 20 min interval are good.

Thanks to all the sprints, i completed my novel on 27th.( I wrote 12000 words in two days,yippee!!)


So what did i learn this month?

I learnt that setting targets and working towards reaching them with a single minded focus will take us there,even if they seem difficult and unreachable.


1. Sorry friends, had been busy attending marriages,functions and what not after Nano which kept me busy . The next post will be up on Wednesday.

2. The laptop, gun and the crown were taken liberally from the net, they are not my property. The gun in no way shows that i love violence. In fact i hate violence. The gun here is a mere prop.