The Penalty – Football takes the cake!

I turn left,I turn right,all I see is fever,the football fever!Hard to ignore the blaring T.V volumes, the non-stop gossip, the headlines in every paper,news channel and what not.This is the time,(other than cricket world cup),when women get ignored.

Even though,we,the lady folks enjoy a couple of matches, it is beyond me to understand how people can watch all the matches,re-runs included!
It is always interesting to watch 20 guys running after a single ball and only two players have the chance to catch it!! Goal keepers indeed. 
For the last world cup final I had given my silent support to Germany,coz my uncle had been to Germany! (Sorry Spaniards, none of my relatives had been to Spain!)
This time around, I still want to support Germany. But, how can I support  Argentinian Messi, Brazilian Neymar and Germany star Klose all at once? (No way, so I decided to support all the three teams and wait with baited breath..Ahem!)
First step to achieving that is,watching more football.
The game itself is entertaining but if you prefer a little bit of drama,then the Man of the Moment is…
That’s the “Serial Biter” Luis Suarez, taking his well deserved place in Headlines. (Don’t tell me this is his way to stay in news..!)
1. I sorely miss Paul – the Octopus,who predicted the results of the matches during the last world cup. ( Who ever thought of making the Octopus predict needs a pat on the back and a shove!)
2. The pics of fans,Messi and Luis have been taken from various sources on the net. Thanks to all the sources.
3. The cartoon accompanying the QB is Mr.Bee. Wait for future cartoons. (Thanks to all my family and Mr. Bee for inspiring the cartoonist in me.)