Penalty : Brazil vs Germany

Come to think of it. ¬†Germany won 7-1 over Brazil !I had been supporting Germany from the start of the tournament. (Read here..Penalty – FIFA 2014),but I never expected them to beat the hell out of the ‘Zombie’ Brazil team. I say zombie team coz all the players seem to be walking from the dead! (Brazil team is lack luster. Is it due to the absence of Neymar, Silva or was it just an unlucky day?)

Even though I am a German football team fan,I felt sad looking at the dejected faces of host nation  fans. Seemed like one team was hammering the other,which was incapable of even standing on its own feet. Too bad.

Germans seem to have pulled off a very huge win,upsetting many fans. (Go Germany go! Ahem…go Klose,go! I have included a pic of my favourite star player.)

But let me tell you a secret people..!( Shh..!)

Even I didn’t like the match! The score of 7-1 against a team which had lost all the hope of fighting seemed so bad. I would have loved if Germany won the match with a tense 1-0 win over Brazil,that too in extra time,with all the star players included. I will surely hate it if people start saying,Germany won due to the absence of a couple of star players in the Brazilian team.

Watch this video , which I have linked here from FIFA website. This sums up the match,the highlights for people to see.

Brazil vs Germany – highlights 2014


1. I pity the Brazilian goalie!

2. This pic sums up the mood of the Brazilian team fans.Epic!

3. This world cup is the last one for Klose and I would love to see Germany lift the CUP! (Yehhh..!)

4. Pics courtesy: Search Engine.