A Memorable Day

What was the most memorable day of your life,when you spent time with the ones you love and your family ?

When someone asked me this very question, i didn’t have to think long to come up with a memory!

Those were the days when i was still in primary school, hardly three feet tall, skinny as a blade of grass but as childish as i am today! 😛

We had bought our own home then and were planning to make the move.

As we planned to have a typical Hindu House – warming ceremony, we came upon a bad news,that my maternal grandmother had suddenly fallen sick and was hospitalized. She used to stay with my uncle and his family,in a town and so, me and my family had to suddenly drop our plans and  leave the preparations unattended, as we rushed to the town.

By the time we reached the hospital, mom was expecting the worst. Since i was the youngest of all, i didn’t understand my mom being dull.

As we reached the room designated for my ammamma, we found her sitting straight on the bed, with her right leg crossed over her left leg, reading a Telugu Novel with her spectacles perched on the edge of her nose! And then she smiled!(as soon as she saw our family! You see, mom was her favourite)

After telling my mom that she was good, my ammamma asked her why we had taken the trouble to rush to the hospital from the city , traveling a good 12-hour distance!

We stayed with her for a day or two, convinced that she was good and started back to Hyderabad. One of my uncles had told my mom to go ahead with the house warming ceremony, since waiting endlessly  would be useless.

The function which would have had all the extended family coming down including my 4 uncles and 2 aunts and my cousins had to be reduced to a humble party.

The final guest list included three of my dad’s best friends and their families and my fourth maternal uncle who had been a bachelor then.

As is the usual case during a house warming ceremony, Telugu speaking people make pongal in the kitchen, boiling the milk and letting it overflow out of the pot. That is a symbol of abundance. Since ours was a humble ceremony, my aunts who should have made the pongal were absent, I and my sister along with my lone uncle managed to make the pongal. (I could hardly see what was in the bowl as i was too short for the kitchen platform! I did nothing but my name was added in the people making the pongal, almost like honorary mention!) 😛

Even though the ceremony had to be a small scale affair, i enjoyed it the most, as i was happy and content with just me, my family and my uncle.

That was when i understood that the scale of celebrations is unimportant, but being together (#together) with the people we love is most important thing.

Do you have such memory to share?


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2. It felt lovely re-living this memory…those good old days..! 😀