The Lazy 5 Ranch

With the weekend beckoning us to enjoy, Mr.Bee told me our next stop would be ‘The Lazy 5 Ranch’.

Since I keep shouting from rooftops that animals are my favorite, Mr.Bee promised to take me there.

The Lazy 5 Ranch situated in Mooresville,is a mere 45min drive from Charlotte. Vehicles are allowed to drive through the ranch and feed the animals. With this thoughts in mind we started early sunday morning,as eager as ever.


On the highway to Mooresville


HOV – High Occupancy Vehicle . There is a separate lane for vehicles with 2 or more people in a vehicle. This lane has less vehicles in it , so if two of you are going, you will go faster in this lane. 😉

On our way to the ranch, we had to stop for petrol and later for our breakfast.We stopped at the TacoBell , the Mexican restaurant for our Sunday Breakfast.


Petrol pump, chocolates and treats at the shop in the pumping station and lastly, my strawberry juice in the TacoBell (in clockwise)

At the entrance of the ranch, we are allowed to buy food for the animals. The first animal we fed inside was a beautiful Zebra ,which mutely demanded attention by coming so near to us!

We took two bowls each of animal feed (each costing some $3 but the smell was too much to bear!)

At one point, I found a duck roaming aimlessly on the road, quacking in despair looking for some food. I opened the window, beat the plastic bowl of animal feed on the side door to attract its attention. The duck hardly bothered to lift its head but little did I know that I could get the attention of a wild pig and its baby, which came running towards me and the animal feed in my hand.I felt a sudden pity the poor things,they must be starving. I threw the animal feed in their direction, lest they come too near!(Ya, I am an animal lover, but I get scared if they are too near me!)


Pig and piglet!

The pig and piglet had a feast and a little later the duck too came to its senses and ran towards the feed and had a go. I felt happy.

We, then proceeded further inside the ranch, where we saw a Rhino, which was all alone in its enclosure, sleeping like a King.


Standing once, sitting another time – The Rhino

There were the Llamas, Zebras, deer, stags,pigs,wild cows,buffalos,ostrich which kept coming to the vehicles as soon as they saw one. They were used to being fed by the tourists and complete strangers.


The deers in a group, eating all the animal feed lying on the ground.


Llama – The great thinker, lost in its thoughts! 😛


United we stand, divided we fall – even if its just grazing the fields!


Llama coming too close to my comfort! “Alright , go away, this is my window Llama!”


“Check out my crazy horn” it said – “such a show off!”, I reply 😛


“Come on, let us act as if we don’t see her clicking pics” , they were saying to each other.


“I see food!” the birdie Ostrich squealed as it came rushing towards me! 😛

Just as we had a great time and were almost on our way out, there were wild cows in huge numbers. They had this bad habit of stopping almost all the vehicles, by coming in the way.


Wild cows stopping a car…

The wild cow on the left side started towards our car as soon as it saw us. As soon as our car moved the cow would come and stand right in front of our car not letting us move. We move left, it stopped us there. If we moved left, it stood infront of us looking us in the eye. We waited a whole 5 minutes trying to let it pass but it never did.

So Mr.Bee put the car in reverse gear, took the car a little back before turning to the right and overtaking the wild cow. I had this fear that the cow with its huge horns would charge after us. Thank God I was wrong!

At last ,we reached the beginning of the ranch(that’s where the exit is) and started home. Woohoo! That was our trip to the Lazy 5 Ranch, where we could see all the animals in their laziest avatar! 😛


1. Feeding the animals was fun but the smell of the animal feed as I told earlier was so bad.


Me feeding the Giraffe

2. There was a new born giraffe at the ranch and it was already six feet tall!

3. Till the next post, cheerio.