A & B – Animals and Birds

Today is another ‘show off’ session where i have put up my drawings. All were done in my school days.Such a pleasure indeed to go through all my childhood sketch books and diaries.Today’s theme is animals and birds.

Here comes the swan…

The cute little baby elephant…
The parrot..(i coloured only the beak..hehe..typical kiddo style)
This one is from a story book …Alice in Wonderland gifted to me by my friend.
Same goes with this one….another drawing from the same story book.
The Kingfisher bird,from yet another source..don’t remember though.
This one is Pongo,from the Disney story,101 Dalmatians.
1. Goes to show i always got inspired to draw from all the childhood story books of mine.
2. More drawings are in the pipeline.Be patient people.