The Ugly Butterfly

I know, we mostly see butterflies which are so colourful and beautiful, but have you ever seen an ugly one? I have…

Those were the Happy Days of my life! (Here I am referring to the Telugu super hit movie, Happy Days, which was about the life of Engineering students).

I was an Engineering student then and the only worries I had were, how to avoid meeting my seniors and how to stay safe from ragging? What seminar should I attend? Will my attendance be more than 75% ?

Anyway, let me get back to the original topic , butterfly!

I have always been insect friendly, not that I loved them, but I managed to play with them and not hate them, which according to me is as good as loving them! (Check out my post on backyard experiments)

Being insect friendly, the ever beautiful butterflies were also among my friends!

But don’t go about imagining the Costa Rican blue butterflies here..

The Costa Rican beauties!

The Costa Ricans believe butterflies bring luck. That may be the reason why Shivudu, protagonist in Baahubali is able to climb the formidable waterfalls with ease, after watching some butterflies dancing on the heroine’s back! 😛

(I hope you have watched the movie, only then you will know what I am trying to say)

The heroine encouraging the hero with her back filled with butterflies!

Anyway, the butterfly I saw was a far cry from the blue beauties…

All during my Engineering, I have seen many insects in my college campus, because, our college was built among farm lands and vineyards! (Our college Chairman once told us during the Annual day celebrations that he had to take the most difficult decision; whether to grow grapes on the farm land or “grow” students by building a college in the said land! He also added that he was glad ,he made the decision to build a college)

Coming back to the original topic, after a fun filled day at college, I returned home very exhausted. Without a second thought I leapt onto my bed. My sister too wanted to sleep early, so the lights were off in a jiffy. Just as I was ready to begin dreaming, I turned to my side and laid my hand on my pillow.

I touched something funny and felt it. I also felt like it had fled the spot, as soon as I touched it!

The lights went on and I saw a huge butterfly , with each of its wings the size of my palm! The wings looked like they were made of crocodile skin (lots of rough surface) and it was wheatish in colour. (The colour easily camouflaged it among my pillows!)

Once we saw the butterfly,all hell broke loose. We demanded our dad to chase it out of our room or we were not going to sleep at all!

Although the butterfly in the cartoon looks cute, you have to believe me when I say , I saw an ugly one!

After 10 minutes of extreme effort, my dad managed to chase it, but one of its wings was hurt.( He didn’t like chasing it at all. He asked us to leave it alone till it went away by itself, but we were WE!)

As soon as the butterfly was pushed out of the window, I decided that not all butterflies are as cute and beautiful as we normally see! And never ever sleep on the bed without checking the surroundings, if the bedroom window had been open for long!

Do you agree?


1. Queen Bee, Mr.Bee ad even Baby Bee were down with severe cough, cold and what not! We really took our time to recuperate and we also had our baby’s naming ceremony in between all this and relatives to entertain. So the blog had to be neglected. Sorry to keep you guys waiting.

2. Does seeing one ugly butterfly change my feeling towards butterflies? Naahhh!

3. Do you know some people are phobic to butterflies? Actress Nicole Kidman is one of them!

4. Like always, I would like to credit the images of the heroine and the butterfly to the search engines!