Las Vegas, the place to be! – Day 2

On our Day 2 in Vegas, we woke up early in the morning (the hunger pangs generally wake me up early!) got freshened up and ready by 8:00 and out of the room for our breakfast. We went into the second floor, near the food courts and to our surprise not a single eatery was open. (Since gambling is done well into the night, people wake up late. So don’t expect early breakfast!)

Luckily, after a lot of search inside the food court, we found an English eatery. I ordered Acai bowl (trying to be health conscious and all 😛 )and Mr.Bee ordered pancakes. The Acai bowl I had , to say the very least , was completely awful.
Acai bowl is a fruit bowl with fruits like strawberry, bananas, kiwis, fistful of dry fruits, oats and frozen acai. (The acai bowl we generally have near our home in Charlotte is awesome. But this one, sucked big time)

The Rainbow Acai bowl - named so by Rico's Acai stall.

The Rainbow Acai bowl – named so by Rico’s Acai stall.

After our not so perfect breakfast, we went into the casino, rubbing our hands vigorously for the gambling to begin! 😉

I had lots of quarters and cents, which I used to play on the slot machines.

It so happens that, when you play on a slot machine, if you win or if you change your mind to not play, you can get back your money by ‘cash out’ option or printing the receipt.

If you won $2 at a slot machine, you can take $2 cash or get a printed receipt saying you won $2. When you have more receipts (if you are like me, you will try different slot machines to test your luck), you can either take all the receipts to the cashier and take cash from them or add up all your receipts at the slot machine itself and take one single receipt to the cashier for money.

Cash out vouchers of the slot machines look something like this.

Cash out vouchers of the slot machines look something like this.

Say, if you won $2, $10 and $15 at different machines, you can get a single receipt of 2 + 10 +15 = $27 receipt. The first time, we had almost 10 receipts and we took them all to the cashier for money. She suggested we get a single receipt at the slot machine itself and bring one final receipt because, she didn’t like counting all the 10 receipts!

After gambling to our hearts content (at one point, we had doubled our money and within a half an hour we lost everything!) , we had a good Indian lunch and then rested our feet for a bit.

The winnings in the slot machines is nothing compared to the winnings in the Roulette table. I enjoyed playing Roulette and we made new gambler friends there! 😛

Roulette is a game where we place bets on the Roulette table for either individual numbers or either all black coloured numbers or red coloured numbers or even or odd depending on our choice and if the dice in the wheel falls on a black number and you placed a bet on it, you win. If you placed a bet on odd numbers and if the number is odd , you win but if it is an even, you lose your bet. That’s how it goes. There are also other options like placing bet on 1st 12 numbers etc, like shown in the image below.

Roulette Table and Roulette Wheel

Roulette Table and Roulette Wheel

I have seen people lose as much as $2000 and some of them won half of it back. I have seen people playing with more than $5000 and leaving with nothing in their hands! Phew, no fun losing so much in a go.

Playing for more than a couple of hours inside the casino generally strains our eyes because of the lighting and the sounds there. So we decided to roam around the shopping mall inside the Venetian.

Indoor Waterfall - The Venetian

Indoor Waterfall – The Venetian

Near the water fall kind of fountain in the Venetian, there were mannequins dressed up, beautifully in roses. I loved them.

Flower Mannequin - 1

Flower Mannequin – 1

And another…

Flower mannequin - 2

Flower mannequin – 2

We then went ahead and bought a salt water pearl. The lady selling it, opened the oyster in front of us and showed us our pearl. We even took a small video of it.

In the evening after a good shower, we went out for a walk on the busy streets of Vegas to check out the other hotels Bellagio and the Caesar’s Palace. Both are majestic and unique, but the recurring theme in the malls inside all the three hotels, the Venetian, the Caesar’s palace and the Bellagio is that, the double ceiling inside is made to resemble clouded sky.

As the name suggests, the Caesar’s palace had lots of statues of Roman heroes all about ……

Inside the Caesar's palace -  Roman statues take us back in time.

Inside the Caesar’s palace – Roman statues take us back in time.(You can also see the ceiling which looks like a clouded sky. That is the common feature among the hotels in Vegas)

Whereas the Bellagio had a beautiful garden and aquarium inside.

The immensely beautiful ceiling inside the Bellagio, leading us to the flower garden.

The immensely beautiful ceiling inside the Bellagio, leading us to the Aquarium.

And when we finally reach the aquarium garden….

The Bellagio Aquarium

The Bellagio Aquarium

The main attraction of Bellagio, however, is the large fountain dancing according to the music, which is a beautiful sight. Most tourists are found near the Bellagio fountain, eager to watch the musical fountain dance, which takes place at 10 minute interval. (I am sharing the below video from the youtube, for better understanding. See and enjoy)


1. Have you watched the ‘Hangover’ movie? It was filmed at Caesar’s Palace.

2. Once you begin walking on the streets, you can see some random guys distributing visitng cards with pictures of call girls on them. Most of the visiting cards end up on the ground. (Reminded me of all the computer course pamphlets found in Ameerpet junction near Aditya Enclave, Hyderabad!)

3. I have also seen skimpily clad women standing on the roads opposite the Bellagio fountain who posed for pictures with you, if you paid them money. I saw an old man with a walking stick take pictures with two such women and all his family were cheering him on! It happens only in USA!

4. Lots of street cartoonists, artists, magicians , musicians line the streets showing off their skills.

5. It is wise to carry a water bottle in Vegas even if it is after 6:00 in the evening because the hot weather makes us very thirsty.

6. I have explained in some detail about gambling because, I was a complete newbie when I visited Vegas. So all that was for people like me. If you know about Roulette and slot machines, kindly ignore my explanations!

7. Like you must have guessed, all the images which don’t have our name on them are taken from the internet. Thank you search Engines and sources. Wait for the next post, which will also be out in a couple of days..cheerio!