Shriek and Scream

In the good old school days, all the excursions we had till 8th class were to the local parks and amusement centers.

I remember we went to local parks for three years in a row, from  4th to 6th.


QB discussing the school excursions with parents


Disappointment evident

Then came the time when our teachers decided a little amusement won’t be harmful and we went to Elles World and Ocean Park in 7nth and 8th respectively.

I had always loved amusement parks but trying out the different rides would get to me. I am a ‘Shrieking Queen’ as I call myself, because as soon as I board any of the rides I start to Shriek and Scream!

The rides like Roller Coaster, Break Dance(Obviously break neck, because of the sudden movements it makes the neck sour with pain!) ,Columbus and what not.

You ask me why I am talking about all this?

Well, as I googled about places worth visiting in Charlotte , I came upon Carowinds. I asked Mr.Bee to take me there and he complied.

On the night before the visit, we booked the tickets online for fast lane, because of which we won’t have to stand in queues in front of each ride. Saves time, we laughed wickedly and slept in peace.

Early next morning we went to Carowinds, which has entrance in North Carolina and exit in South Carolina. The owner wanted to be too technical about it , I guess, to make it available for both states!

It was hardly a 20minute ride from home to Carowinds. We started by 9:00 and reached there early to get good parking spots. (Separate ticket for that)

As soon as we reached the entrance the guy in the ticket counter told us that we need to buy separate tickets for entrance. Fast lane tickets alone are not worth , he said.

It was not mentioned anywhere that the fast lane are only for avoiding queues and we need separate entrance tickets. The tickets sure burned a hole in our pockets!

Anyway, with those new entrance tickets in hand, we went to another counter to get ourselves the fast lane bands for our hands, to show at some of the crowded rides. (Almost like getting a Seva ticket in Tirumala Temple for faster Darshan!!)

The first one was the Fury 325!

This one reaches a height of 325 feet and comes down at a speed of 95 miles per hour and imagine a girl who never even tried an Indian Giant Wheel sitting on this one in the front row! I faced hell! I screamed and screamed and I shut my eyes tight and before I knew the ride was over. This one is the fastest ,tallest and longest in the North America, you know what I mean now?



Getting down from the Fury 325 ride.

The ride was done in 3.25 minutes and after that I was shaken! I got so scared of riding another one, that I took almost half an hour break before even going near the other one. (They even take pictures of all the riders just as we reach the peak of the ride and I was embarrassed, looking at my picture!)

The Fury 325

The Fury 325

The second one I tried was Carolina Cyclone. I should say it twists and turns, makes us upside down before reaching the starting point. I enjoyed this one, even though it was scary. I tried to overcome my fear by opening my eyes in between!

Carolina Cyclone and the Vortex - carowinds

Mr.Bee standing in front of the Carolina Cyclone ( the one in yellow) and the Vortex (in red)


Then came the Train ride which takes us suddenly from a height into a tunnel with water on both sides. Good one.

Then the Sky Tower where we get to see the whole amusement park from a height of almost 250 feet.

The Windseeker – I am proud of myself for trying this one. It takes us to a height of 300 feet before rotating us in the air. It looks like we are in clouds!(I was bent upon overcoming my fear)

Windseeker - Carowinds

The WindSeeker in the background – Yup 300 ft tall!

Mr.Bee tried the Carolina Cobra while I sat behind too scared to go near it. It was one hell of a ride and I should say it questions the strength of our stomach from spilling the food!

Then we had fun with the White water falls ride and this one is my personal favorite as we get to splash into water from a height and it feels awesooomeee! I rode it twice but the queues were too much to try for a third time.(Let me add the Fast Lane ticket is useless at this ride)

I avoided the Sling Shot like a plague! Who would want to be thrown up in the air along with just one other person!(Only two people per ride) Mr.Bee dared me to ride it and I played deaf and completely ignored his challenge.

Sling Shot - Carowinds

The SlingShot – two people thrown up in the air – What a sight!

We even played the shooting water gun, where Mr.Bee and I played against each other shooting water guns to win soft toys. (I lost twice and Mr.Bee won, but guess who got the soft toys? ME!) 😉

I got a Pikachu and a Squirtle.

Pikachu and Squirtle - POkemon

Pikachu and Squirtle – from the Pokemon series

We even got a cartoon of us, sketched. (NO I am not posting it here.


We had loads of fun there and by the time we reached home, we were completely exhausted, but I had enough strength to play with my new soft toys!



1. The eateries in the park open only after 11:00 and I was hungry as soon as I rode the first two rides! We had to eat a slice of Pizza each and some fries. (The usual menu when going out)

2. I was so thirsty the whole time, we kept drinking loads of water. It was a hot day.

3. By the time we reached the parking lot on our way home, I was cursing myself for closing my eyes all through the Fury 325 ride! I decided I will have to try it again, to see if I can ride it without closing my eyes.

4. The girl who sat beside me on the Fury 325 ride, told her father how she hated going for the ride. But by the time the ride ended with my shrieking and screaming spell, she told her father, ‘lets go again!’. I know girl, you are taunting me!

5. At the Wind Seeker ride, I saw a kid as young as 3 years old,who was very eager to ride it. He is too short to ride, they said. He was so disappointed, but tried to get in, ignoring the guard. His father had to tell him that he was too small a kid for the ride. These kiddos are so brave.

I also saw, many people in the rides who had their hands up in the air, to show that they were not scared and they won’t try to hold the rods in front of them.

6. For checking out the pictures of the rides, go to the link Carowinds. By the way, I was reminded of the computer game I played as a kiddo – the Roller Coaster where we get to create our own amusement park. Till the next post, cheerio.