The baby or me?

Yup. That’s one of the questions that popped in my head, after a series of incidents.

If you are pregnant, India is the place to be, especially if you are from down the South , where the expectant mothers are treated like Goddesses, quite literally!

A week after I landed in India, I came to understand this, when all my mom’s friends and our neighbours would visit me daily! (I have never been that popular my whole life, not after my school and college days atleast! 😛 )

The beginning of favours

I never got any special attention from anyone in the US, except the occasional ‘how is your health?’, ‘what did the gynaec say?, ‘Got your ultra sound done?’ etc.

In Hyderabad, I would attract a daily stream of visitors, who never came empty handed. I was so used to getting all the extra attention and privileges, that …

Gloating like a newly crowned princess

While some brought fruits, others brought in chutneys and snacks. Some others would bring me flowers and sweets! (There is a belief that a woman is equal to a Goddess, when she is an expectant mom, because, she is as good as creating a new life! This is such a fabulous notion!)


This attitude towards me, increased my expectations multi-fold!

And once the baby arrived, all my ideas about how I was going to be treated, were shattered!

The visitors rounding up the baby and completely ignoring the QueenBee

That, made everything crystal clear…All the attention that I was enjoying was meant to be for Baby Bee!

Did anything like this ever happen to you?


1. Baby Bee makes his debut in this QueenBee cartoon today,yay! I drew him like he is in a cocoon, because in the initial days after birth, infants are wrapped up in swaddle! Neat!

2. When I related about the attention and lack, there of, Mr.Bee joked that, ‘Of course, the attention and love shown towards you is for Baby Bee!’ (Mr.Bee was being brutally honest, you see)

3. Few more cartoons are up my sleeve. Will post them soon. Till the next post, cheerio friends.