The Jealous Mom Syndrome!

Now that I am going through a new phase in life, which comes with new set of hormones and feelings, I would like to talk about the roller coaster of emotions! The ideas in the post are my own..

The life in the initial days of being a new mom come with loads of mixed emotions.

After 9 months of prolonged game of hide and seek, I finally met my baby on one fine day. That was the moment when I shed happy tears. But then, I knew very little about taking care of a little one!

At one moment you are very happy looking at your kiddo and the next moment you are over whelmed that you are responsible for a tiny life, who is entirely dependent on you. I have been known to shy away from responsibilities, so this is very new to me!

As if that is not enough, the after effects of delivery begin to show. The aches and the physical strain, the food restrictions begin to bring us down. Then comes the mostly erratic feeding schedule of the baby dearest! And when you think feeding is difficult, the baby begins to wake at odd hours making you feel like you have been sleeping forever and still have had no sleep at all!

Then comes the time when you want to just feed the baby and let the others take care of him, when he is crying or rock him to sleep or pat him on the back to make him burp after his feed. Here, the help of your mom, dad , siblings and your husband comes into play.

I, went through a phase, when I liked nothing but feeding him and giving him away to my family, to be taken care of.
I wanted to sleep, while he played, with little success. I felt like a zombie, with desperate need to sleep!

Feeling more like a sleep deprived zombie than anything else!

Suddenly, the baby bee began to enjoy the company of others, began to smile at new faces and didn’t care a penny, whether he was in his mother’s arms or others’…

He would remember his mom only when he needed his mouthful. That was the worst I felt in many years…

I began to envy all the people with whom he had no problem staying with.

It was I, who couldn’t take care of him completely by myself and I, who regretted him not missing my company! (Of course he is too young to understand and I am too weak to take care of him by myself)

It took me a while to understand that I was going through some kind of jealousy and I took the liberty of naming it , the Jealous Mom Syndrome!

Thinking back, I wonder if I am a pioneer in this subject for identifying this syndrome! 😛 (You guys know how modest I am and I can hardly wait to count the bouquets you are going to send me to congratulate!)

Pioneer in discovering the jealous mom syndrome!


1. So many things have happened lately, the health of a loved one was cause of concern and also I was moving a lot, from my parent’s home to my in-laws , with hardly anytime for anything else. So my blog had to bear the brunt.