In the mad rush

With the Ganesh Puja festivities nearing an end, the Bee family decided to pay a visit to the Khairtabad Ganesh.(Which has the record of being the tallest Ganesh in both the Telugu states. Some copy cats have failed to break its record. I have made a collage of all the images showing close-up, full length and pic taken when standing near His feet to show the total height.)

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Sunday was the day selected for this purpose. After watching the latest runaway Telugu hit, Run Raja Run, we started for Khairtabad.

The bumper to bumper traffic ensured that I had enough entertainment. I enjoyed observing people all around.

After a sudden drizzle threatened to make our visit very unpleasant, we finally entered the Zone of Ganapathi.

What followed is difficult to explain.

I had never seen so many devotees even during my trip to TIRUMALA.

Someone once told me that the Mumbai local trains are heavily populated. Just standing on the platform is enough as the crowd manages to push you into the train, whether you like it or not!

I witnessed similar situation here, at Khairtabad!

As I jumped into the sea of devotees, I had a head to toe violent massage kind of experience, what with all the pushing, kicking, stamping experience. I couldn’t understand if my feet were following my brain and its directions. We were pushed around. (I was scared about falling down in that crowd.)



I didn’t know if I was supposed to laugh, cry, curse or pray! (Difficult task to choose one out of all these)

After spending one and half hour in the queue and after a near-stampede kind of experience, we finally saw Lord Ganesh in His full glory! We also saw many more Ganeshas on our way to home..some are here.









At one point of time in the mad rush, I got separated from my family,Nahiiiiii….! (I shout, bringing to fore the drama queen inside me!)This reminded me of innumerable movies where either the hero or heroine, got separated from their families, as a child and meet them only at the end of the movie! Phew!


  1. On our way home, I saw many Ganeshas. A particular Ganesh was a replica of Lal Bagh Ka Raja, very famous Ganesh in Mumbai.
  2. I had the sudden desire to kick a girl beside me, when she started praying loudly for a rain, in all the rush. Rain would have made it maddening!(But I didn’t kick her, don’t worry folks,I am not violent!)
  3. Coming to violence,(rather non-violence!) I saw half a dozen kiddos with silver paint covering their body to make them look like Gandhi.
  4. Devotees from near-by states also filled up Kharitabad. I saw one couple with a baby boy sitting on his father’s shoulder, with a firm grip of his hair. (The baby was hardly a year old!)
  5. Let me warn, whoever it was who pulled my hair in the crowd, you are bad! I hope someone pulls your hair as well!
  6. Similar post about Ganesh festivities was written by me last year. Read it here.