Stepping out of a shadow

She checked the suitcase before closing it softly. The suitcase clicked in response, affirming that it was packed correctly.

Placing the suitcase on the floor ,she wheeled it towards the hall. All the little money she had,was in the handbag.She didn’t need money. She trusted her cooking skills for her livelihood. She stopped briefly near the niche in the hall, where a photograph of her family had a place. She sighed. ‘Sorry Naren’, she murmured before locking the door and finally boarding the waiting auto in front of the gate.

–  * * *     –

She lay wide awake on her new bed as thoughts refused to let her sleep.

She turned to her left.The scenes of last week started playing in front of her eyes….

She had prepared his favourite meal. She wanted to stop the cold war. Now that she was fifty five years old, she hardly liked sitting quiet when her husband was around. She wanted him by her side, listening to all the things she had wanted to tell him from the time they were married, up to now. He never had time for her. He wanted Naren to have a good life, so office had been his first wife. He had been a very good father though!

“The meal is ready!”,she had announced.

He exercised his thumb on the remote,by surfing through all the channels, before finally switching off the tv to have his lunch.

Looking at him,she understood he enjoyed his meal. He loves my cooking.That I know!

He ate in silence,relishing the Bagara Baingan, opening his mouth only to eat and not for talking .He didn’t see the drops of tears rolling down her cheeks.He hurt her deeply by ignoring her,like always.

So that’s how it is!

He had retired a year ago.

It all started ,on that day, when he brought home his nephew, Manoj.

‘Kala! I have brought him,to take him under my wing and make him a responsible guy.He can never bloom under his father’s bad influence. Give him Naren’s room’, he had ordered.

She had put her foot down,which was a rare occurence. She wanted rest. She wanted to have a peaceful life, post retirement, she wanted to travel. Now having another responsibility on their shoulders meant reliving the days of Naren’s childhood again! She replied to him that days of running behind her son Naren and her husband were over. Now she can’t start it all over, with Manoj again!

That had been the trigger. He had stopped talking to her and it’s been a year since. He can be very stubborn when in anger and  I am tired of waiting.

She had borne his anger all these years.

Now that Naren is settled, married a girl of his choice….

Her new address was the old age home, Naren will not like it, but he will understand

‘Hmph’, she sighed as she turned to her right and closed her eyes, inviting the sleep to conquer her.


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