Kabali Ra!

Ever since the trailer of Kabali was released, Mr.Bee and I had been eager to watch it. The smashing background score when Rajni dishes out his dialogue demanded our attention and missing out a Rajnikanth movie was next to the biggest sin!

While the movie was releasing in India on 22 July, it meant the movie was on screens here, in US on 21st itself!

Without much ado, let me jump into the review.



Movie starts with Kabali (Rajni) getting released from the Malaysian jail. Just then we see Rajni doing a pull-up in the jail, the theater is full of whistles and woo-hoos. In the first couple of scenes Rajni confronts the enemy gang and we see glimpses of the super star in his glory. That’s when we see the ‘Kabali Ra!’ dialogue.

The movie is all about drug dealers, smuggling, prostitution and young Indians going bad in Malaysia. Like a good samaritan, Kabali tries to lead the youth towards education and well being.

This movie is devoid of any of Rajni’s mannerisms and his punch dialogues, obviously, since he plays a Don, with a good heart. The movie sees his emotional journey, clearly priorities change once we age. Kabali misses having a family.

The other important thing which is significant by its absence is a light hearted comedy track. Be it Chandramukhi where Vadivelu was present for comic relief, Shivaji has Vivek, Linga and Robot has Santhanam. Here ,the parallel track is the emotional journey,finding his wife. So if you are expecting something on those lines, you will be disappointed.

When we talk about his wife, Kumudavalli, Radhika Apte was very good in her scenes.I loved one particular scene where she shows flawless emotions on meeting Rajnikanth.

The acting graph of Rajnikanth varies from being a ruthless Don to a kind hearted guy who sourly misses his kid.

The second half picks pace with twists in between and just when Rajnikanth has his moment in the second half fighting the enemy, the background score jumps to life.

Did I say I love the background score so much? (Although the only song in the movie is nothing much to write about, I liked the background score. I don’t know, suddenly it reminded me of a roller coaster and also an emergency vehicle,like a speeding fire truck at the same time!)

The supporting cast was almost entirely new. I don’t remember seeing anyone except a couple of them. Actors playing Yogi and Jeeva were good. (They may be familiar to the Tamil audience, but Telugu audience like me may not know them)

Just when we think the movie is getting dull, it suddenly jumps into life! It does have its moments.

I liked seeing the impeccably dressed villain.

Finally, never underestimate the police! (This is a clue to an important part of the movie!)

If I have to rate this movie I will rate it a respectable 3 out of 5, you are good if you watch this once. It has everything in balance and you will neither be too impressed nor too bored!

Now that Kabali is done with, what next , you ask? Wait for Robot 2..! 😉


1. In Kabali , we see Rajni pull a revolver out of his sleeves,twice!

2. All the members of the enemy gang sport so much gold jewellery that my eyes hurt! 😛

3. The violence in the movie was more than I could bear. So if you are someone like me who hates blood shed, better shut your eyes tight!