Pride and Prejudice

Pride and Prejudice was written by Jane Austen. This is the first novel I could lay my hands on, written by her.

Her style of writing is very new to me (I mean her themes and settings of her novels). Her language is very indirect. (Difficult to understand for a first time reader)All the novels written by her are of Victorian era.
A brief review follows…

The Bennets are a family of seven. Mr and Mrs. Bennet and their five daughters, Jane, Elizabeth, Mary, Catherine (Kitty) and Lydia. We meet Mr.Bingley,(the new neighbour of the Bennets)who introduces us to Mr. Darcy.  Then there is Mr. Collins, a cousin of Bennets who wants Elizabeth to be his wife; but Lizzy happens to like a certain Mr. Wickham.(What confusion!)
At first we see that Darcy does not consider Elizabeth worthy of attention but as the story progresses we are sure Darcy has fallen for her lock, stock and barrel!
We have a hero who is proud and a heroine who is prejudiced and thus the title! (We later begin to understand that, both the protogonists have pride and are prejudiced towards each other.Thankfully every thing is solved and there is ‘happily ever after’ at the very end.)
Austen shapes the character of Mr. Darcy so well that many young girls find him endearing and lovable.  Of all Jane Austen novels Pride and Prejudice stands out and particularly Mr. Darcy is unforgettable.  I, sometimes, hope that had Darcy been real . (That,of course,is wishful thinking!)
1. Loads of characters in the novel. All the characters are relatable. I felt I met similar characters somewhere.
2. The novel was made into Bride and Prejudice by Gurinder Chadha. After seeing the movie, I had an immediate headache!(I still don’t know the reason,people are free to make their own guesses, I m not going to help here.)
There is another movie starring Keira Knightley as Elizabeth Bennet.(I have no idea about the movie,never watched it,I don’t want another headache!)
3. The novel is good and I got the feeling that Jane Austen used to sit in a quiet corner of the rooms occupied by people and observe each and every person in it! (I am so self centered,I never observe others,such a pity,I would have been a better writer if I observed more,isn’t it??)
4. The sentence formation and way of talking is so indirect.I felt I was at an unknown place,roaming without aim, when I read this novel. (I took time getting used to her style of writing)
5. At places where Austen thinks is very important, she gives us lot of description and lengthy passages to read. At some instances, she gives away the story in a single para.That must be her way of differentiating the important and unimportant stuff.
6. Reading an Austen book needs loads of patience,not because the story is bad or something, but because of indirect speech, lengthy passages, long descriptions (which must have been the writing style of authors then).In spite of this, it is an excellent novel worth reading.
7. I liked the character sketch of both the hero and heroine, Darcy and Elizabeth.
8. Suggested pose for reading: sitting in the balcony chair, with a hot cup of green tea and feet on the foot rest. Sitting position is recommended or else, people are prone to doze in between!(Haha…that may happen to people with zero levels of patience and zero interest.)I completed the book in 2days,because I become insomniac when I have a novel to complete!