Baahubali – My review

The long wait for the ‘Baahubali’ has come to an end. We waited so long for the movie and yesterday the theater was full with fellow Telugus who have come more than half an hour early!

First things first, I manage to shout ‘BAAHUBALI’ in my mind always, as soon as i pronounce the title! (For the uninitiated Baahubali roughly translates to ‘person with powerful arms’)


Prabhas as Amarendra Baahubali

The Story Essence:

Ramya Krishna enters the scene with a new born child in her hands, trying to protect him from soldiers. She sacrifices her life for the baby and lets us know his name before dying as Mahindra Baahubali.

Enter Rohini a tribal who finds the baby , names him Shivudu, turns out Prabhas by the end of couple of scenes.

The early story is set near a beautiful waterfalls and one wonders if there is an actual spot so beautiful…!

By fate, Shivudu meets Avantika (Tamanna) who is a rebel in Mahishmati kingdom and tries to free Devasena, (Anushka, looking hideous, as an old princess!) even though it is none of his business!

People recognize his as Baahubali as soon as he enters the kingdom! (The brilliance of direction shines at places)

Who is Devasena?

Who is the King Bhallaladeva(Rana) who has Devasena as a prisoner for 25 years?

Who is Shivagami (RamyaKrishna)? What is the truth behind the death of Amarendra Baahubali? These questions lead to the crux of the movie.

My take:

Prabhas as Baahubali looks very believable. He also has a powerful supporting cast.

Rana as Bhallaladeva does a very good job of acting.

The supporting characters of RamyaKrishna and Satyaraj are very good. RamyaKrishna, infact reminds me of the fierce Neelambari who challenged Rajnikanth in Narasimha. Although the roles are no way similar, the acting is powerful.

Tamanna (with her short stature), as the weapon wielding, Lara Croft tomb raider clone looks very unreal. Just because Shivudu shows off his tattoo making skills, she falls for him lock,stock and barrel!(Yawnnn!!)

Nazzar, with his handicap hand plays his role well. The makeup and dress reminded me of his character in the very recent Uttama Villain!

The first half dips and drags and bores us at places. There are even places where we think, ‘what! Is that even possible?’ But it is the second half that shows promise. The very last scene has a fantastic twist and I am already eager for the second part, but will have to wait till 2016.


The cinematography, settings, the CGI are fabulous, especially the fight scenes in the second half. (Reminds me how rare it is to find a good movie with all these . Remember the fiascos Rudramadevi and Kochadaiiyan)

I give a good 3.5/5 for the acting, the story and the effects. Definitely worth a watch , although you have to ignore the low points in the first half.


1. Music is a big let down. None of the songs are hum-worthy. The music director is his own favorite singer and it is evident because , almost all the songs have his voice!!

2. Rajamouli making a special appearance leading to item song by foreign dancers.(Seriously?)

3. Shivudu climbing the huge mountain from his tribal land towards the head of the mountain, all because of Tamanna goading him to! After many failed attempts he climbs it, after seeing Tamanna! (Girl power? Nah!)

4. I was looking forward to a glimpse of Anushka. But I didn’t expect her to look like that,even if it is justified! A guy sitting in the front row shouted ‘ She looks creepy!’ 😛

She has only one dialogue in the movie.

5. The girl sitting in the next row kept hooting, shouting whenever Prabhas was on the screen all during the first half. I thanked the Gods, when during the second half she became silent. Throat pain?

6. Another review on Minions will be out shortly. Cheerio till then.