Murder on Orient Express

The Plot starts with us meeting the Belgian with an egg shaped head and a long mustache, who happens to be the famous, Hercule Poirot.  Along the journey of the Orient Express, we are acquainted with many characters. 
A good many red herrings show their presence too.
Thankfully, we have Hercule Poirot.
Murder on Orient Express is a classic.  Don’t know how our dear Agatha (I take the privilege to call her Agatha) got the plot into her head! 
The solution of the puzzle is hard to come by.  We keep running from pillar to post trying to guess the culprit and at the finale Christie pulls out her ace and stuns us.  For once we don’t pity the victim!
The Orient express is the train on which the murder is committed. Hercule Poirot gives two solutions for the crime (one of which is true, obviously).
The plot is unique. The characters are believable.( I am not even going to give away the story ,its for all to read.I would like to force people to read it once,yup,its force this time round! haha)
Very, Very clever of you AC!(best concept and great writing..)
1. Another novel, which hits the bull’s eye . I mean it is a novel which pleases the murder mystery audience. (I try to put myself in Hercule Poirot’s place and try for a solution ,but alas, I can’t use my grey cells effectively!)
2. Reading this novel, made me want to go on a train journey,.again.
3. Suggested pose for reading: It’s a best seller novel, read anywhere. I would prefer the sleeping on the top berth and reading it . (If not on a journey better read it on our own bed.)
4. I say it again, it is a must- read…many red herrings, a journey, some suspects and your favourite author with many best-sellers under her name, what more do we need??(And ya,a cup of green tea please!)