The Wall of Dead!

Yes, the wall of dead. That was where I ended up after a very hectic day!

What is this about, you wonder.

Let me begin at the very beginning.

After our stay in the cabin on the mountains of Gatlinburg, we decided to go to Pigeon Forge, which was a  last minute decision .

That was where we went to the Titanic museum ,which I already mentioned in the post, The Titanic. From there we went to Wonderworks.



Anyway, we had a beautiful city view in the air balloon ride. The pulley connected to the air balloon at the center pulls the balloon through the steel cables attached to it. We went to a height of 400ft above the ground.

Air balloon ride - City View

Air balloon ride – City View

There is a circular cabin around the central pulley, where people can stand and look around for a better view. The operator told us to move around on the platform to get a 360 degree view of the modest Pigeon Forge.

But hardly anyone moves about, on the air balloon platform at a height of 400 ft! (People are scared silly at that height)


Andddd…that was when I saw many things. I saw the Titanic museum, the KingKong sitting on top of a building, which looked so much like Empire State building(reminding me a scene from the King Kong movie) and also a castle like structure. (I was half expecting Harry Potter or his friends coming out of it!)

Air balloon city view

Air balloon city view – Check out the pic carefully to see the Mt.Rushmore lookalike in the center

After we got down from the air balloon ,we went to the CASTLE OF CHAOS.

Castle of Chaos

                                                    Castle of Chaos where I won the honours!

WE caught a glimpse of the castle from the air balloon already!

As we reached the castle, we found a Mount Rushmore type setting done up with faces of Elvis Presley, Marilyn Monroe , Charlie Chaplin. (Couldn’t figure out who the first one was!)

Mount Rushmore setting - Pigeon Forge

The one in the cow boy hat could be Clint Eastwood! What do you say?

After wasting some precious minutes trying to figure out who the Cow-Boy hero was, we let it go and rushed to the Castle Of Chaos.

We were in a hurry because, we had to start our return journey before 5:00 in the evening if we had to reach home before midnight.

In the castle, there was the Mirror Maze, just like the one in Gatlinburg. It is very easy to get lost in the mirror maze and I was reminded of Bruce Lee in the ‘Enter the Dragon’ movie. Thankfully , there was no villain waiting for us inside with metal claws for his fingers, to pound on us.


                     Enter the Dragon – Bruce Lee chasing the villain(not seen in picture)

As soon as we found the exit of the maze, we got a round of applause. (The cheers and applause were taped and no real audience is waiting there to cheer)


After that we went into the 4D theater, where we had to face the dead and fight them!

I know, I am not the bravest when it comes to dealing with horror.

Once we went inside and sat on our seats, the screen lights up, showing the deadliest dead bodies and zombies, whom we have to shoot, all the while the seats begin to move and shake and then our seats also do a 360 degree spin, so you face a new villain on each wall..!


We are given pistols to shoot the enemy ..the zombies, the rats and some scary stuff ..

I know I screamed a lot.

After what seemed like half an hour..the shooting had to be stopped and we are given the scores..of how many times we were able to shoot the zombies etc.

When the scores are given, each of the players photo is shown along with his/her scores.

Mr.Bee was the fourth best player. (There were almost 40 people and we were sitting in the last row. So shooting at the screen was a bit difficult. There were tall people sitting infront of us.)

I was half expecting to see my name at the bottom of the list. But there…

I was third from the last and you know where I ended up? On the ‘Wall of the Dead’…where players with least scores are. So in a way, I was dead in the game..the zombies had gotten me!!



  1. I had promised I would post this one, a week after my Philadelphia post but we had gone to Atlanta and then to NewYork. So I had hardly any time to sit with a laptop on my lap.
  2. Can you guess the hero in the Mount Rushmore setting, the one in the cow boy hat?
  3. Meanwhile I have met new people, made new friends and have become addicted to watching tv. Till the next post, cheerio.