At the Reunion

So, you are a gang of school buddies, each busy with their lives, most of them living in different parts of the world.

Some of you are new parents, you plan to meet and surprisingly you end up meeting everyone in spite of 101 things threatening to pull you back.

And…. when you finally meet, do you get to relive old memories like, pulling hairs, playing games with pens on the bench, laughing silly over some jokes, nicknames given to teachers behind their backs, comedy of errors during a stage performance etc?

Well, if your answer is yes, then you are a goner!

Recently I came to understand this, through experience.

The lucky bunch of few friends who could make it to the reunion, had different things on their minds.

Though I don’t complain, (to speak the truth, I was one of them!) some of us were busy minding the babies, others busy remembering their spouses whom they had to leave behind, while others were busy talking about the kids achievements and what not!

Suddenly I could sense that, gone are the carefree days when we would chat continuously about the latest movies to watch, or tease each other about ones obsession with an actor or actress or crushes, dream about what the future is going to be and all.

Gone are the days when all we had to do was return home to a well cooked meal and movie time appointment with the family T.V!

The carefree life

The new phase of our lives was all about, rushing home, taking care of the baby or worrying about the spouse, asking each other for pointers on how to make life easy with a toddler and so forth.

That’s when it hit me between my eyes that we are finally growing up, even without an inkling of an idea about where and how we are growing!

Suddenly, as fast as I grasped the reality of life, I didn’t want to grow up. Even though I love having Baby Bee to take care of, even though I am happy pulling out Mr.Bee’s hairs with my idiosyncrasies, I still didn’t want to grow up. Even though I sometimes love dressing up and behaving like a matured adult, making decisions and doing stuff my way, I still didn’t want to grow up.

But then, I returned to my parent’s home for a weekend.

With the little time I get when the Baby Bee lets me live my life, I began to compare my childhood with the adulthood. Little by little I have come to understand that so much has changed. (My parents home being my starting point, it is a good point of reference for real thoughts!)

Anyway, with each passing day, I have broken down my life into phases.

What conclusion have I reached, you ask?

Well, I have come to understand that even though I hate growing up, I have grown up! I have changed!

The only thing that is constant in our lives is CHANGE! (Although I heard the above sentiment in every language I know, I never understood the real meaning until now. Now that I understand it, it makes complete sense!)

Come now! Did I remind you of Obama?


1. God, I am even writing stuff which is borderline philosophical! Look, another sign of growing up!

2. I am really really short on time. The minute I open my laptop, the Baby Bee wakes up or the power is gone or there is an earthquake! Looks like someone is plotting against me writing anything! 😛

3. I have few posts on the anvil, ready to get their finishing touches. Hope to post them soon. Till the next post, cheerio dears!