Into the new nest

I moved the blanket away from my face. The blanket on my face implied that I wanted to sleep and disturbing me was out of question!

I slowly turned my face towards my left, staring at the window. It was Sunday, but the duty bound Sun had come out of the clouds on time, letting his warm Sunny smile engulf me. Morning has arrived!

I let my legs slide from the soft bed to touch the hard floor, I walked towards the window, as if in a dream.

I moved the curtain just enough to let my face have a good view of the world outside. I didn’t want to wake up anyone else. I know how precious sleep is, being a light sleeper. Disturbing others from their slumber was the last thing on my mind.

The early morning walkers, the fresh feel of the garden plants below, the early morning mist…I loved what I saw……

– * * * –

‘Have you packed all your stuff?’, I heard mom’s voice from behind.

‘Yup, I am done!’, I said closing the suitcase, with effort. Mom wanted me to have loads of homemade stuff. She knew I could get home sick too early! 😛

‘See, there is not much space left in the suitcase. Even my bag is filled up, looks like a pregnant lady!’, I said as I twisted my mouth to show my displeasure.

‘Let me pack. Whoever said you are good at packing needs a tiara on their head!’, mom retorted as she removed all the stuff I had packed and re-packed the suitcase again. Miraculously, the suitcase seemed to accommodate more stuff now.

‘You can fit even the hundred Kaurava brothers in the suitcase!’, I said trying to be clever or funny, whatever!

Before mom could react I heard the cell ring.

‘Aha! Yup, I am packing the stuff. You know her packing! Pathetic. Aha..hmm!’, I heard mom’s end of conversation and guessed my sister must be the one on the other end of the call!

‘Let me make you Green tea’, mom said as she went into the kitchen with the cell sandwiched between her hand and ear,talking.

I sat on the bed feeling mushy and silly. I need to act strong!

I had been controlling my tears from spilling and i hated to cry! I had no idea that bottling up my tears was a bad thing…

As I sat staring at the T.V. hardly noticing what was playing on its screen, i heard the door-bell ring, with friends at my door. They had come to wish me and meet me, before all of us dispersed to settle at our new destinations. I was the first among my friends leaving home, for a new place.

The tears which i had been controlling with my might, now came flooding my eyes, making me a revelation and then came the hiccup!  (Its my own style of crying,you see!)

My style of cry!

My style of crying,with a few hiccups sprinkled in between!

I cried and cried and my friends and family wondered if someone had stamped my foot by mistake!

By the time i reached the bus stop, my friends smiled a ‘we-know- how – you-feel’ smile, while my sis patted my back with a brave face , as i stared at mom trying not to cry , holding my dad’s hand  I walked towards the bus….

– * * * –

The smile on my lips and moist eyes brought me back to reality and my smile widened.

New day, new life , new nest…

After i had the small flash of memory, I turned around to find the sleeping figure in deep slumber. I smiled again.


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