Shit Happens

Hardly a week ago, when I and Mr.Bee went to get some work done at the Federal Office in our locality, an incident took place.

Since the office opens at 8:30 A.M and since most of the population is working class, the people coming to get their work done start forming a queue in front of the Federal office at , say 6:00 A.M.

We started out at 6:45 A.M and reached the office by 7:10 A.M. and began our day in the queue. We were 10th in the queue. (Phew…)

To pass the time, we took our cell phones and began our gaming session.

Now read ahead…

Playing Boom Beach while waiting- Shit Happens

shit happens2

shit happens3

shit happens4

Both of us were so immersed in the game with heads bent down staring at the cells, that we didn’t see a bird had shit in my hair!

The lady standing behind Mr.Bee in the queue pointed out to my hair as she gave us a tissue as well, to clean my hair!  Thank you woman!

Since I didn’t freak out that a bird had spoiled my hair, she actually wondered out loud, what was wrong with me!


I didn’t freak out, because just then, I remembered the wise words of Forest Gump -Tom Hanks, that , yes, ‘Shit Happens!’


  1. Another reason for me not freaking out may be because I have a penchant for attracting birds waste! Pigeons used to have a go at my red hot two – wheeler in our office parking lot.. I used to curse the pigeons in Punjagutta , Hyderabad on a daily basis ,for giving me an extra job of cleaning my vehicle every evening.
  2. Have you ever played Boom Beach? Its all about sending your army to different villages and conquering them, gathering power stones, money and resources. We loooove it!
  3. The comics I have drawn are the new stuff I am going to use here. I have used up almost 5hours of my T.V-watching time to create this simple piece. Since I am using a new software and new tablet, it took a lot of time to learn and yes, posting this also took time because of net issues, server issues and finally, I am posting it today. Thanks for waiting. (The straight lines don’t look straight, but I am going to improve.)