The Stranger, her son! – #TheStranger

The war and the battlefield were nothing compared to the turmoil of emotions she felt within. As soon as Krishna revealed the secret, which she could never forget, she had been unable to contain herself. She decided that she had to meet the stranger, her son!

Standing outside his temporary shelter under the disguise of an underprivileged lady, she had gained admission into his chambers.

She looked into his eyes, re-living the painful memory of showering him with kisses, her first born son and ostracizing him in the fear of the society.A single unmarried mother is not in an enviable position,after all,she would carry a stigma and so would her child! Her eyes welled when she had to abandon her naturally armoured,new-born son, who looked radiant in the Kavacha Kundal. But now, he had no Kavacha Kundal. He had gifted them to Indra.

karna + kunthi

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Recognition dawned in the eyes of Karna, as soon as he faced Kunti. Krishna had already told him that he was the son of Kunti and the Sun God. Without hesitation he promised Kunti, that he won’t harm any of her sons except Arjuna.

‘Either I or Arjuna only one of us, will be alive after the war. You will still have five sons, mother!’, he had promised. ‘I will remain a stranger to you , till the war comes to an end!’

After trying in vain to convince Karna to join the Pandavas in the Kurukshetra, Kunti returned to her legitimate sons.


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