The Big Switch – Book Review

If you are like me, you will be always eager to read new novels, books and short stories, ready to take in everything and analyze and if possible try to review it in your own way. When I got the chance to review The Big Switch I was eager to read the journey of Keith.



The Big Switch
is the story of Keith Kurien. His struggles at a software company, his passion to excel and his disappointment in job, the un-understanding girlfriend, the big switch, the major change in his life form the crux of the story.

Through his story, we begin to understand that the struggles Keith faces are very relatable. We can see ourselves in the hardworking Keith, who works 12-13 hours a day, but still gets nominal increments. Through Maya, the writer tells us how important it is to have an understanding partner or girl friend in life.

It is also a general dilemma, which the protagonist faces, whether to stay in a thankless job for money or doing what you love with little monetary gains. I have faced similar dilemma myself.

Just when the going gets tough, Maya dumps Keith.

So what happens next? Will he find love again?

Will the new girl friend be as unsupportive as Maya or be his support system?

Will Kurien settle well in the new direction his career is going?

Do we always get second chances?

Not everyone is comfortable switching their careers and that coming from a middle class Keith is note worthy! I am not sure I would have done the same. I also feel that very rarely do we find people taking such risks in life.

Final Note:

1. Protagonist is relatable. Like we see Keith in every office, we also see women like Maya. Bosses like Mathur also exist 😉

2. Easy language. (I hate flowery text and using complex words for the heck of it!)

3. A fast read. (Completed the book in a single sitting.)

4. Worth a read, but don’t expect this will change your life!


I had a lingering doubt, “Is this an autobiography”?