With the Sankranthi festival inviting almost all the city folks back to their roots in the villages, the roads were deserted and Hyderabad was less chaotic!

Now that the weekend has ended and the festival packing its bags and leaving, suddenly Hyderabad is back in action.

Sankranti, the festival of harvest, celebrated across the Telugu states is one festival which brings back pleasant memories. I remember my thatha(maternal grandfather).

The festival holidays start with Bhogi, where we light bonfire and stand around it ignoring the cool weather,with sleepy faces and yawning mouths at the day break. People gather around the fire to gossip about latest movies and stuff. (While I try my best to keep the sleep demons from controlling me!)

sleepless- bhogi

Feeling so sleepy that i hardly notice who is standing beside me near the bonfire!

After standing near the warm fire , slowly when we begin to feel more awake, we continue to talk nonsense till the watchman or weirdos on the road begin to take special notice of us. Sometimes the newpaper boys or milk packet delivery boys do join the bhogi fire.

Just when we are sure all the elders return home after their quota of the warmth from the fire, we bring out crackers!

crackers in bhogi fire

Crackers in the fire; the highlight of bhogi!

After the throwing all the left over crackers into the fire for last-minute masti; we spend the remaining part of the morning doing the rangoli.

Show off time…this simple one was done by me..yey..!

Rangoli - colour

I prefer colourful rangolis like these..


Small rangoli

The smaller ones i did…


Then there are others…done by my sis, she is way better than me and others in my area! (We managed to do all these together…)



The Krishna and Saraswati were done by sis. (Aren’t they good?)

Then we have bommala koluvu (where toys of all sizes are arranged neatly –  show off kind!) 😉

Each year new toy is added into the collection and the toy arrangement is done every year without fail, once you start doing it.

bommala koluvu

Bommala koluvu – Toy arrangement-here a wedding scene!

Toys are arranged following some theme and it is always interesting to watch. (The above pic i have taken from google.)

Last but not the least eating the festival feast of sweets and other specials. Yumm!

Day ends with lazing in front of the T.V. at dinner time watching silly programs.

So how did you celebrate Sankranthi?


1. All the rangolis i couldn’t include in the post, as it was taking so much time to upload! So i only have three here.

2. Of course, the way Sankranthi is celebrated in villages is quite different than how we celebrate in cities.

3. Will be back with QB cartoon of the week on Wednesday. Till then , cheerio.