My Laahiri Laahiri moment

Ever since I first saw the old Telugu movie, MayaBazaar with a beautiful song picturized between the main characters, singing ‘Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri lo..’, as they row a beautiful boat, I wanted to do the same!


The moment presented itself when Mr.Bee and I had nothing to do on one particular weekend.

Mr.Bee decided it was time to show me the almost cinematic location of Lake Lure, which is a beautiful lake with a man made beach and the mountains forming a beautiful backdrop.


The day we selected for this little tour turned out to be a special day with the local folk, as an exhibition cum sale was being held there and it looked like most of the North Carolina population was either on the beach or at the sale!
(I checked out the stalls to find beautiful wooden home and fashion accessories, handmade cloth dolls and stuff. There was this one stall where metal sculptures were in full display and I liked the rainbow pattern they made in the sun light!)

As soon as we parked ourselves near the parking lot common to both the fair and the beach, we headed towards the latter.

We booked a kayak for two and with the time limit being one hour, we set out for our Laahiri Laahiri moment!

I asked Mr.Bee to sit in front of me in the kayak. (I was too scared to sit in the front, even with the life jackets hugging us tight!)

First 15 minutes were wasted with my scared kitten drama, as I was too scared to go fast, but as the time went by, I began to enjoy kayaking.


The kayak is a tricky boat to ride, because it tends to move or bounce rapidly with the tides because of its design. The best thing to do if it is moving sideways uncontrollably because of the tides, is to stop rowing and wait till the tides are gone!(At least thats what we did!)

Some couples who came to the Lake Lure, brought their dogs along with them and I was happy for the dogs!(They need their entertainment as well, isn’t it?)

One little dog, (I will call him Eddie, based on his resemblance to a TV-star dog Eddie, from the famous sitcom Frasier, whom I love and adore so much!), was so good as to fetch balls thrown into the water. That was his activity for the day, fetch the balls his master threw into the lake!

With private speed boats causing a few tides in the otherwise calm lake, we had a few eager moments and I felt like a Pirate stuck in a dreadful sea storm!

The rowing of the kayak did give my arms a bit of exercise (and pain) and I hoped, this one hour exercise would tone them a bit!

At one point, Mr.Bee also saw a snake in the lake, having the time of its life, swimming happily. (thats when my B.P shot up and began to boil. That was the moment I discovered, life jackets were of little use, when snakes can have us for their afternoon snacks!)

Snakes and snacks, there goes the rhyming! (Should I start writing poetry? Nahh! Let me not rush into anything!)

Luckily, the snakes didn’t occupy my mind forever , because I saw some teenage lads, swimming in the lake with nothing but a speedo (or male swim wear)

By the end of our kayak trip, we were spent,as far as our energy was concerned. Since it was one of the hottest days of our state and the Sun doing a good job of sucking our energy in the form of sweat, we concluded our rowing trip in the one hour, right on the dot. (Mr.Bee told me we could go on rowing if we wanted to and pay some extra bucks, but the heat was too much to bear. So we ended up kayaking, for the said one hour.)

We later had an ice cream and drank loads of water at the fair and started for home,with my ‘Laahiri Laahiri’ dream moment full-filled at last!


1. Kayaking is fun. If you haven’t done it and if you get a chance to do it, please do. I can guarantee you will enjoy it.

2. Have you watched Frasier? I started watching it out of shear boredom, without any hopes of liking it, but ended loving the show so much, that Kelsey Grammer who plays the titular role is my favourite actor now and I also loveeeee his voice! Gawd, I love his voice! (I have observed that, voice plays an important factor in me falling in love with the actors along with their acting.) And no, Rani Mukherjee is not my favourite actress! (Some people love her husky voice, but I don’t! Sorry Rani!)

3. All the images used in the post are courtesy search engines. I take no credit for those.

4. If you want to listen to the Laahiri Laahiri Laahiri lo song, check it out here.