The Flop Show


The ‘Fall Colours’ in Charlotte is widely popular and a visit to the Great Smokey Mountains in the Fall, during the peak period of October is what all the nature lovers (and beauty lovers in general) ought to do.

Since I am a travel enthusiast, a nature lover(and more…I can’t pen down every detail!) I was happy when Mr.Bee planned to show me the Fall Beauty – the Mountains!

The fall in the city, is some thing like this, but that is during November! (This pic is from 2009 and I got it online)

The brilliant hue of orange maple leaves in autumn frame the Charlotte, NC, skyline at Marshall Park. A summer with frequent rains, followed by fall with hot afternoons and cool nights gave leaf peepers a pallet of colorful fall foliage to enjoy in 2009. Photo shows the still-under-construction Duke Energy Center, Charlotte's second-largest skyscraper, on the left side of the frame. Marshall Park, owned by the City of Charlotte, is home to a 1.2 acre pond and urban wildlife.

The brilliant hue of orange maple leaves in autumn frame the Charlotte, NC, skyline – Pic courtesy search engine

We  planned the visit to the Smokies (as it is called in general) and I wanted to take in the beauty of the mountains.

Five days before the scheduled plan, I was busy packing our luggage, packing some Indian food, sweaters and what not.

And then, t here was some news about a hurricane at Bahamas.

A day before our journey, the climate was hot and I wondered if the sweaters I had packed in our luggage would be useful.

Finally the day of our travel had arrived and I was busy preparing Biryani for our journey when we got CYCLONE ALERT messages! (The thing I love about US is that Cyclone Alert Messages are broadcast to our cells and they beep continuously till we see them! I don’t if they do the same in India. I hope they do)

The very place we planned to go had red alerts and cyclone warnings, since the hurricane had an effect in Charlotte as well.

The climate suddenly changed to rainy and our plan of visiting the Smokies came to a dead halt.

The booking we made for our stay couldn’t be cancelled in the last minute (we didn’t get our payment back)

We had continuous rains in Charlotte, we couldn’t visit the mountains because of the flood alert , we were disappointed and topping it all, we also had to lose our money.

That’s how our tour plan was deemed a ‘Flop Show’.


  1. I managed to prepare Veg Biryani for the first time in my life. It turned out good. My veg biryani recipe courtesy – my mom.   🙂
  2. This post is not related to ‘The Flop Show’ by Jaspal Bhatti..!
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  4. Yes, I have more to tell, wait for next posts.