The Man in the Brown Suit

If you have been following QueenBee rants and are a regular at BeeAfterYou , you will know I am a die hard Agatha Christie fan! So when I laid my hands on the novel, The Man in the Brown Suit, I couldn’t help myself from writing about it..



When penniless protagonist Anne Beddingfield, with her head set on adventure and romance finds a clue to a mystery, she jumps at the chance to follow it. The mystery takes her from England to South Africa. On the way, she makes some friends and quite a clever enemy! (I have always loved any novel set in the background of a cruise ship with passengers travelling abroad! It is at once alluring and romantic! So it is no wonder I love this one.)

She meets Colonel Race, Mrs.Blair, Guy Pagett, Sir Eustace Pedler, Harry Rayburn, Rev.Chichester on board the Kilmorden Castle.

While she believes in suspecting everyone, she makes an exception of trusting two of the shipmates. One out of friendship and one out of love! Does she trust the right people? You can keep guessing till you reach the last chapter!

Who is the clever criminal brain called ‘Colonel’ who is behind the mystery?

Is Colonel Race really a Secret Service agent?

Are Nadina, the Russian dancer and Mrs.Blair one and the same?

What secret does Guy Pagett suppress, which makes him nervous always?

Why was murder committed at the Mill House belonging to Sir Eustace Pedler? Does he have any connection with the murder?

What is Harry Rayburn’s secret? Is the ugly scar covering his face, real?

Who is Rev. Chichester? Is he really a missionary he says he is? Or is he a slick actor?

Who is the man in the brown suit? Is he the murderer or is he innocent of any crime?

Just when we think Anne may not be on the right track, attempts are made to silence her and we are sure, she is a threat to someone!

The story revolves around retrieving a bunch of diamonds, which are very important for both the hero and the villain.

Just when you are sure, Anne is in love with the hero and are happy for her, Agatha Christie makes two other important characters fall head over heels in love with her! (And one of the important character is the villain, who loves her but also tries to kill her to silence her! Such a neat twist!)

All is well that ends well and Anne surely takes her time bonding with the hero, when he rescues her from the clutches of death.

Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Man in the Brown Suit.

I would love to give it a 5 star, because, this is one such mystery, which will remain in my memory for some time to come!


1. I loved the idea of going on a cruise and meeting new people. Come to think of it, Anne meets her soulmate in the cruise!

2. Like in most of the novels, Agatha Christie throws subtle hints to point out who the murderer is! If you have read other works by her, you will surely guess the villain.

3. Just because the antagonist is clever, doesn’t mean the protagonist is a fool! 😛

4. I, for once, felt sorry for one character. He was in love with Anne, but his timing was way off the chart. Even though he enters into her life first, she falls for the guy after him!

5. Suggested pose for reading: Laying down on bed, with a pillow under the stomach and legs in the air, with book in left hand and a huge bowl of calorie rich cheese balls within easy reach of the right hand!