Chikni Chameli – She came, she conquered!

The hall was buzzing with activity. The loyal fans were dying to catch a glimpse of their favourite actress, Chameli, who is known for her beauty rather than her acting skills!

It was the trailer launch of her latest Hindi movie, Bakwaas Love! (roughly translated to nonsensical love).

Like a star heroine material, Chameli came in well after the function had started. She flipped her long flowy hair and smiled at the fans and they went crazy.

Long luscious haired Chikni Chameli greeting her fans…

After the trailer launch it was time to answer the questions from the journos.

Before any journos could bombard her with questions, Chameli said, “No questions about my personal life and relationships please!”, much to the disappointment of most of the audience.

One particular journo proved that not everyone wanted to know about her personal life by asking her, “Can you tell us your beauty secret?”

Chameli gave a coy smile, which she is famous for…she looked almost like a new bride!

“Well, as you know I am in a profession where my face and fitness is important, I make it a point to follow strict diet restrictions as per the directions of my dermatologist and my fitness expert.Luckily, my grandmother made sure I developed good eating habits, since my childhood and I am just continuing the same.All that I eat were originally what my grandma made me eat, but with a modern twist! She encouraged me to eat all vegetables, without hating any of them. That in a way has helped in overall nutrition.”

Journo: What do you do for your skin?

Chameli (with a bewitching smile): “I take Vitamin E rich foods(most people concentrate only on vitamin A and C), like spinach and mint flavoured juice in the mornings and spinach soup at nights, almonds and walnuts for my mid meal snack cravings, avacados in my lunch and dinner as a side, barbecued red peppers, mushrooms and other fresh vegetables, peanut butter sandwiches and fresh aam panna made with raw mangoes during summers…

Although I also take Vitamin E tablets, eating a diet full of Vitamin E rich food is also very helpful.

I almost forgot, I also savour on mixed vegetable stew, especially with the butternut squash in it…”

Journo: The butternut squash!

Chameli: “That is the red pumpkin. As you know I am originally from down South, where red pumpkin is one of the main ingredients of the mixed vegetable stew. The stew is mostly cooked during marriages and special occasions but it is part of my daily diet. Oh! Did I forget to mention usage of olive oil in salads and gorging on sweet potatoes?

By the way, doing regular exercises also helps a lot. I am privileged to have a personal trainer of my own, but that is not a necessity. Instead of hi-fi stuff, one can start by walking or jogging regularly.”

The hero A.K.Khan ,the director(known for his senseless comedy) and other cast members were taken aback by the turn of the question and answer session. The hero’s ego took a beating as the journos seemed to target only Chameli!

Hero: (looking towards journos) : “Don’t you have any questions regarding the movie? By the way, do you think only Chameli looks fit and beautiful? What about me? Am I not fit and handsome?”

The baby faced hero showing off his biceps and abs

There was a loud roar and applause from the audience. After the murmur died down…

Journo: “Chameli ji, what about your hair? Is the diet enough to take care of your luscious long hair as well?”

A.K.Khan and the director looked at each other in disbelief. (This particular journo seemed more intent on asking Chameli questions about her beauty than anything else. He might have guessed it is useless to ask her anything regarding her acting!)

Chameli (looking proud, involuntarily let her hand caress her hair) : “Diet partly takes care of my hair, but I also massage the roots with Vitamin E rich oils, like almond oil and olive oil, twice a week. I also get face and hair packs done every fortnight, with ingredients rich in Vitamin E. Whatever you do to your skin and hair, if you are using external supplements, you will have to consult a dermatologist to get a ‘go ahead’. Don’t try things on your own!”

Before the journo could thank Chameli for her detailed answers, the director had enough. (Rumour has it that the hero threatened to walk out of the trailer launch if the topic was not diverted from Chameli and her beauty secrets, to the hero and his heropanti!)

The said journo was banned for the rest of the launch to ask any questions at all and the director politely pointed out to the journos to interview the other star cast. By then most of the audience and journos had lost interest in asking questions. (They wanted to discuss the hero’s ego and Chameli’s stage presence!)


The movie Bakwaas Love turned out to be the biggest flop in the careers of the star cast.
Turns out the newspaper and youtube movie reviewers found Chameli’s interview more interesting than the movie itself!
Don’t ask what the hero and director are doing now. Last heard, Chameli quit her acting career and is now busy focusing on her new found love for dermatology. Do you have anymore questions to ask Chameli – the skin and hair expert?


1. Luckily, this post is only fiction and written for fun.

2. Though the characters of Chameli and others are part of QueenBee’s imagination, the stuff about Vitamin E supplements and its usage is from personal experience. Before you consume vitamin tablets orally or use it externally, it is better to consult a dermatologist first, instead of following the QueenBee blindly!

3. This post has been written for #Evion. Readers who want to check out the “Evion Supplements” can follow the link to their website at

4. The Vitamin E rich foods are..

Vitamin E Rich foods

5. Couldn’t help doing simple stick figures 😛 Hope the dazzling heroine and smashing hero have captured your imagination! 😉