The Hidden Kingdom – Prologue

She fluttered her eyelids noiselessly, before opening her eyes slowly  to take in her surroundings. The pleasant air blowing towards her from across the grass gave her a sudden shiver. A series of events rushed through her thoughts as if reminding her something. She sat up with a start. I hope this is a dream, she mumbled. She let her left palm graze her right hand, goosebumps!

She looked around her. In the twilight she could make out the surroundings. The waterfalls with abundant water falling down the slope demanded her attention.

Getting up from the spot where she woke up, she began walking towards the waterfalls. As far as she could see, she saw shrubs with colourful flowers covering the whole landscape. She enjoyed the view from where she was standing, as if fixed to the spot. She was mesmerized.

Is this a dream? She wondered again.

If this is not a dream, I should not be alone here!  That she knew.

She saw huge boulders around the water falls. Lekha turned back to see the tree under which she had woken up just now.

The tree looked unfamiliar. She had never seen such a tree before. Where am I?

As she started walking towards the waterfalls again, the horizon began to glow in a blue light.

Looks like a land out of fantasy! How cliché! She smirked and then giggled into silence.

 All the fantasy movies are influencing my dreams?

Why is this dream not stopping? Why can’t I wake up? She wondered.

And then she saw, the white cape flying behind him, with his face bent, sitting on the boulder, cleaning the hilt of the sword sat the Aaganthu…

The sudden giggles which erupted and stopped from behind, made him turn his head towards her, showing his lean face and pointed ears.

That’s it. This is not a dream….not anymore!


1. This is the prologue of my new novel ‘The Hidden Kingdom’, my first ever attempt, writing a fantasy! This is as a part of Nano wrimo. Check out…At every turn.

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2. Although it is not a good habit to have a tea glass on the laptop, i put it there to show off that i am working hard and to add depth to the pic..! 😛 Have a great weekend friends. Wait till i write my novel and come up with a post.Sorry for being irregular. Cheerio.