My little journey

As I begin to write another post, thinking about the choice I made, I go back to those days of my teens, when after writing the EAMCET (Engineering and Medical Common Entrance Test in the then Andhra Pradesh) I went to attend the counseling.

At the brink of getting myself an Engineering seat, my daddy asked me if I was sure I wanted to go into Civil Engineering. I replied, ‘Sure daddy, Civil and no less!’ (Dramatic, isn’t it?)

That’s how I landed in Civil.

I never regretted this decision. Even when we had to use heavy lab equipment to do our experiments or when we had to visit sites to learn new stuff. (Visiting a construction site is a learning experience always)

Then when big companies came to our campus for recruitment and had asked ‘ONLY BOYS’ I thought, ’Fine. I love Designing, so let me get myself a Design Engineer Job’.

Then once in a company, I faced, ‘Why do girls select Civil. Software would have been better. Sitting in an AC office, weekends off, high salary …blah blah..!’

And..’These freshers, with just a stupid B.Tech under their belt and very little experience clinch new jobs and higher salaries; whereas I am stuck with lower salary…girls have it easy!’ – From a colleague who was 7 years senior to me, when I got myself a better job.

Since I loved my job more, I accepted his case was of ‘Sour grapes’

Finally I am doing a job that I enjoy.

As I was happy with the work I did in my office, I decided to start making my other passion a reality, blogging.

I had the initial doubts, if I can manage a blog along with a job.

If I could come up with new posts regularly, if I could garner enough readers and the list continued.

I was not happy with just a Civil Engineer tag to my name.

site pic

One of those site visit pics.

I wanted an AND added to it.

I know I still have a long way to go before I can boast of being a successful blogger, but now I prefer to say,‘Yes, I am an Engineer AND a blogger!’ (Take that..Mr. S*****!)


1. Thanks to Blogadda for this chance to write a post reminding me of my little flashback!

This post is a part of #UseYourAnd activity at BlogAdda in association with Gillette Venus“.

2. Readers, let me clarify that the S***** is not some curse or swear word. I just censored the name of the offender! There is not a chance in a million that he will read my post, but still, I want to grant him his privacy.

3. I tried for better site photos, but i couldn’t post them without prior permissions and all. So i have posted a smaller one here. Yes, the dame in red is me! 😛

4. Yikes! Let me add, we always have safety measures in place. We wear helmets and shoes when in site. This particular pic is not inside the site. we were yet to enter the site, so no safety equipment with us.