The Move

Hai dear readers…

Its been long since I posted anything here, at BeeAfterYou. I hope I have not made you forget me completely, which would be very sad!

The reason I have been away from the blog is, Mr.Bee and I have shifted our base and we are back to our roots. I am very happy to say that, yes, we have returned to India for good.

As you know moving from one country to another means, you have lots to pack and many things to take care of. That meant I have very little time for the blog.

Coming to the actual move….

We have always maintained that our US stay would be temporary. We ended up getting all those weird glances from friends and colleagues. Some would laugh on our face saying, ‘That’s what everyone says in the beginning!’ and some would give us meaningful glances which meant ‘Let me see if you follow your plan through!’

But when the final moment arrived, when we started packing and shipping our stuff, people understood how serious we were about our decision. We knew, that Mr.Bee and I would be forever stuck in US, if we didn’t move back this year. The reason was that, we were already in love with US. It was like breaking up with a loved one. The more time you spend together, the more it will pain during the break up!

On March 9th, we flew back to India and I have another post regarding our last flight from USA. That post will also have some interesting stuff, so be sure not to miss it.

couple with suitcase

So what have I been doing after I returned to India?

Well, like a very hungry animal which pounces on its food, I have begun reading books left, right and centre with vengeance!

Though I have been away from Hyderabad for a span of 2 years, I don’t feel like I missed out anything. I felt like I have always been here! I should say, I adjusted very soon, in spite of what all my friends said about returning to India.

What have I learnt from moving back? That priorities vary from person to person.


1. Few of our friends begged us not to move back. Having a permanent job in US and still returning to India, doesn’t generally happen to all!

2. Some day, I am going to write a post briefing my opinion about staying in US. I hope I won’t bore anyone to death!