The ‘ihop’ experience!

For starters ihop is not an Apple product. It stands for International House of Pancakes! (It is a chain of breakfast restaurants in America)

Just as I completed half a year of our stay in US, one fine day, Mr.Bee announced that he wanted to take me to ihop. Let me be very frank about this, when he said pancake, I imagined, well, a cake! (I used to love Indian pastry cakes a lotttt. One year in particular, I had a whole lot of Big Bite Burgers, Manila Bakery cakes and so on and my weight shot up! I used to be very thin, almost size zero, till then)

But I should add that, the cakes in America taste very different from those in India, and lets just say I have begun to loathe them!

So when Mr.Bee said pancake, I was not very enthusiastic.

Then one fine Sunday, we decided to go out for lunch. We had pancakes!

Pancakes are American version of the popular Indian uthappam, but which is eaten with lots of cream, powdered sugar and maple syrup!

I avoided having powdered sugar and maple syrup ,because I am not much of a fan and ended up liking the pancakes. The waitress added fresh strawberries on top, to make it healthy.

On the whole pancakes with cream and strawberries on top looked yummy and tasted awesome. (We didn’t eat at ihop.)

Although I prefer Indian Uthappam any day, I had a hearty lunch.

After this experience , Mr.Bee reminded me that we still had to visit the ihop. We let the idea stay on the back burner and forgot all about it.

Then almost a year after our perfect pancake experience, Mr.Bee and I planned a trip to Linville waterfalls. It is a 2-hr drive from Charlotte. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip (details in another post).

On our way home, for our dinner, we stopped at ihop (ignoring the welcoming Olive Garden) and it turned out to be an unforgettable experience.

I ordered the strawberry pancakes and Mr.Bee ordered the chocolate chip pancake.

And when you place an order for pancake, you get three pancakes each. So I had three strawberry pancakes and same with Mr.Bee.

Our orders arrived more than half hour after we ordered and by then, I was ready to eat the cutlery on the table, because I was thatttt hungry. Mr.Bee and I exchanged glances, pitying each other! 😛

Anyway, our orders arrived. Both our pancakes were filled with syrup, mine with strawberry flavoured syrup and Mr.Bee with chocolate. The syrup trickling down the pancakes reminded me so much of molten lava spewing out of a volcano! (Yes, I too watch Discovery Channel once in a while!)

Pancakes with berries and maple syrup

Pancakes with berries and maple syrup

Since I hate anything remotely sweet, I had a very tough time trying to eat even a single pancake! I tried to eat the portions which were not wet with the syrup. Even Mr.Bee, who is used to eating outside, right from his college days, couldn’t complete a single pancake!!

After eating one pancake each, because we were very hungry, we packed the pancakes in ‘to-go’ boxes. (People in US don’t throw the left overs. They take them home in boxes and eat them the next day. Almost always, we take a to-go box, but whether we eat them the next day or not is another thing!)

I packed the pancakes in ‘to-go’ box, only to throw them out, because, I didn’t want to look stupid for eating only portions of pancake and some stray strawberries!

By the time we came out of ihop, Mr.Bee was feeling drowsy from all the sugar overdose. (Yes, the sugar consumption in US is way more than in India. They use sugar powder on almost every bakery item, I can’t imagine why)

With this experience, I have banned myself from eating pancakes ever again!

Why God, Why?

Queen Bee and Mr.Bee , after their ihop experience

Queen Bee and Mr.Bee , after their ihop experience


1. I don’t say that ihop doesn’t have its fan base. It does. But not people like me and Mr.Bee who don’t like sweet stuff. If have a sweet tooth and love stuffing yourself with sweets, you will love the ihop.

I also understood why I liked the pancakes the first time, because, she didn’t put the syrup on pancakes or jam on top. The waitress gave them to me in separate containers and let me make my own choice. But ihop didn’t!

2. Olive Garden is a chain of Italian restaurants, very popular in US. I particularly love their stuff. They are the best.

3. The usual prank Mr.Bee plays on his friends when they call his office extension, is by saying, ‘International House of Pancakes, How can I help you?’
Some fall for that!

4. Big Bite is a popular bakery in Srinagar colony, with burgers to die for and I have been visiting Manila bakery in Ameerpet since I was 5. Both are my favourite places in ‘Mana’ Hyderabad!

5. Images in the post are taken from the internet only for the purpose of showing. I don’t take any credit for them.

6. Pancakes anyone? 😉