In the Universal Studios – Part 2

Day 2:
Second day was the busiest day at the studios.

As usual, even if we wanted to start early to use our free Early park tickets, we couldn’t use them, because we woke up late!

We used the resort transportation to reach the Studios and after the security check, we went inside.

We first went for the minion ride. For a children’s ride, it was most scary experience! Because, the 4-D simulation was mostly about throwing us off from heights and the seats were most uncomfortable. With this one ride right in the morning I developed a rather bad neck pain!

With the neck pain, we later went to the Men In Black ride, which was all about shooting aliens, with our interesting guns! It was fun, but I got the lowest score in my group of three!

Since we had Express Pass, we could go directly into the rides, without wasting any time in the lengthy lines. (I even wondered if we could get a faster darshan in Tirupati, than enjoying the rides in Universal without an express pass!)

The Transformers was another good ride, where Optimus Prime fights the villains to save us. I kind of felt very special because Optimus Prime was out there, saving us! 😉 (The 4-D simulation was awesome with Optimus Prime saving us from falling head down into the NewYork city streets. The villain was after innocent civilians, like us!) 😛

Just outside the Transformers ride, there was Optimus Prime (some guy wearing Optimus Prime costume) posing for pictures to all the fans.

Mr.Bee with Optimus Prime

Mr.Bee with Optimus Prime, wearing a Popeye T-shirt

We then decided we need to check out if we left out any of the HarryPotter rides. After asking a security officer where we can find other rides, he told us to go into a building saying “All the people seem to be going inside!”. We followed the direction and to my immense surprise and happiness I found the wall, just like Hagrid shows Harry in the first book!

(If you can understand basic Telugu, then you can watch the video.)

Diagon Alley, where all the magic starts! We visited the Gringotts – the wizard bank, Leaky Cauldron , Weasely’s Wizarding Wheezes, Ollivander’s wand shop and more.

We went inside the Weasely’s Wizarding Wheezes and saw the love potions made by Fred and George Weasely, saw Pygmy puff which is supposedly Ginny Weasely’s pet, saw other products like Nosebleed nougats etc.

QueenBee with love potion and Pygmy Puff

QueenBee with love potion and Pygmy Puff

I loved walking in Diagon Alley, watching every detail of the book before me. We went into the Gringotts Bank as there was a very popular ride inside.

On the way to the ride inside the building ,we saw the goblins, like the one in the below pic. All the goblins were life size and moving. Some were just blinking their eyes, others were counting galleons of money. Some were writing busily with their feather quills and some were just looking up from their work at the visitors in the room as if to warn us not to make any noise. There was also a 10 foot long crystal chandelier inside the bank which was a beautiful center piece.

The Goblets in the Gringotts Bank

The Goblets in the Gringotts Bank

The Gringotts ride was awesome, just like in the movies, we ride in a rollercoaster underground, with 3-D glasses for extra fun , but there is no simulation. Every thing was real, going on a track, then magic potion falls on us to nullify any dubious people like in the movie. I felt like I was in the movie with Harry and his friends, making the great escape from the Gringotts!

The dragon on the Gringotts building keeps blowing fire every 10minutes on the dot.

Gringotts Bank with the Dragon spewing fire

The Dragon spewing fire every 10 minutes makes us feel like we really are part of Harry’s escape from Gringotts

We ate lunch at Leaky Cauldron (we met Desi bachelors there)Lunch was nothing but chunks of cheese with some salad, which was awful! If only they served Pani Puri here, I would have loved it even more! 😛

QueenBee ihaving Butterbeer n leaky Cauldron

QueenBee having Butterbeer in leaky Cauldron

(The Butterbeer is of vanilla flavour.)

Next was the Simpson’s ride. This was also pretty scary and it was supposed to be for children! God, they kept throwing us from heights and all, I didn’t expect that for a children’s ride! It was scary than the Men In Black ride. We saw the Simpsons lead entertaining the audience at Universal studios.

Marge and Bart from the Simpsons

Marge and Bart from the Simpsons

After riding some other mini rides and roller coasters, we went to the E.T ride. It was a ride where we travel on cycles in an Alien land. This was awesome. E.T – Home Phone!

Mr.Bee and I also went for a water ride which had a long, nearly 45 degree inclined slide. I was scared to even do it, but Mr.Bee made me! After screaming twice for the pseudo falls, I forgot to scream at the final slide, so overall, it was good.

There was also a devilish ride called the Hulk, which made my knees shiver, just by looking at it. Thankfully it was yet to open and I thanked all my lucky stars and my dead grandparents for that!

The Hulk - the dangerous ride- still in the testing stage

The Hulk – the dangerous ride- still in the testing stage

After another day of fun and frolic, we returned to our room.


1. Almost all the rides have 4-D simulations, which means, we get to wear glasses in the rides and we feel air, water or bubbles falling on us and our seats jumping or rocking back and forth. At one point in the Gringotts ride, my 3-D glasses came off, because my seat took a 45 degree raise in height.

2. I saw Hermoine’s dress from the Yule Ball on one of the windows. Then there was Nimbus and Firebolt brooms. Then there was the Knight bus and the Headquarters of Order of Phoenix – no.12 Grimmauld Place! (Itni Khushiii!)

3. We also bought interactive wands near Ollivander. I bought Harry’s and Mr.Bee bought Dumbledore’s Elder Wand. Interactive wands are wands which work at certain points based on the sensors. So it is fun to use wands.

4. Since I am not much of a Shrek fan, I didn’t bother going inside.