Girl from Fatehpur

What more can I ask for, as I start the new year with a book, like a typical bookworm!

I selected the ‘Girl from Fatehpur’ by Sarita Varma, to start my reading goal this year. I loved the illustration on the cover, which attracted me to the book.


Oh..the lehenga ! 😛

The novella ‘Girl from Fatehpur’ starts with the protagonist , the girl from Fatehpur, Sanjana(or Sana for family and friends) returning to her roots almost four years after the tragic death of her parents to attend the marriage of her cousin Renee in Fatehpur.

Trying to find solace and answers from her sister Devika and to escape from her city life in Mumbai, Sanjana lands nearer her home, where she meets Rajan , her childhood crush.

As the days progress and as Sanjana begins to enjoy her holidays, Krish comes for her from Mumbai.

Will Sanjana decide what is correct for her? Does she dare to follow her heart and not succumb to pressure?

Rajan’s mother bends her own rules, when she is ready to accept a Rajput bride for her TamBram son, Rajan. But is Rajan ready?

Still a simple ‘Girl from Fatehpur’ ,will Sanjana accept to his unique proposal?

The setting of a marriage where romance unfolds, is too good to be true.

Devika as the understanding sister, Zora – a friend forever ,are Sanjana’s rock solid supports.And there is Dadima who is forever trying to get Sanjana married and who teaches her that ‘Patience is a virtue’.

Sanjana- the dimpled Rajput girl ; Rajan the TamBram childhood crush of Sanjana and Krish , the most eligible bachelor in the marriage market form the love triangle.

The Kumbh Mela scene forms the crux of the story.(Not to forget the Silver kara!)

This one is a fast read;easy language and the setting add to the beauty of the novella.

Worth a read!


1. It took me only half a day to read the 100-odd pages.

2. The books shows romance without being vulgar or being over the top, which i loved the most.

3. Light read for one of those days when you are so bored with everything and just want to laze or want your alone time! I think reading romcom is a welcome change from all those thrillers that i have read all these years!

4. I give 3.5/5 for this.